30 November 2016


I just left myself loose for past few days and the result is bad now. I am totally regretting it. I can't go back to the old method now, so I need to follow what I have planned, I don't want to regret again. Moreover I need my throat to heal as well. I can only take liquid for at least 2 months. Took some heavy and spicy food yesterday, yes I can't resists and I am totally regretting it now. I should watch my eating today onwards for the least 14 days! I need to be really strict on myself for my own good. I need to control and watch my diet properly! What the hell was I thinking? It's gonna be December and I don't want to gain what I loose for the last 1 year! I don't wanna go back to the old me at all ! PLEASE~

I am having my doctor appointment later in the afternoon. I spent a lot on just medicals and I wish the claim will pass through. I can't afford such an expensive medical bill. Prays hard that it will be approved. Wonder if the clinic bills can be claimed from my company? I wonder. I need ask around. I don't wanna spend such money again, really. It's bad and no good. Though, I have used my insurance card, the least. 

I am feeling good since I can take a rest for 3 days the least. Will be back for work on Thursday to settle some stuff and on leave again on Friday. Guess the I will not take of next week to make use of my time and see whether if I should apply for the week after. Since I am almost off the whole week for this week. I should come fully next week. I bet myself gonna be really busy though. Since I am rushing to finish my notes so I can work out my 2017 plan. Really need to though. 

The mission is off and on success and failed. I don't think I can put number of days anymore because of my condition. Let's just loose 3-4 more this two weeks before Christmas. Yes, again. thanks to my stupidity. It's a good time to train myself. Please make use of it and resits. I need to succeed before Christmas! WOOTS!

It's the last day of November, we are moving to December tomorrow! Have a great start and new plans ahead! Christmas and New Year in on the day! 

29 November 2016

Hospital Check Up

Well, the pain did not went off so I was prescribed to the hospital yesterday. I spent the whole day in the hospital, at least the medical card is n used now though. But the anaesthetic, I can still feel it though. I feel like sleeping early yesterday, but there's so much for me to do. I really need to claim back the medical fees. It's so expensive. Thank god, the rest after that is included in my insurance. Okay now I admit the benefit of an insurance but I don't think it's a good thing to visit the hospital. There's so many people in the hospital and that's unpleasant to see. People should be healthy. I wanna save money but spend to much on my medicals lately. I am feeling so exhausted when I reached home, just feel like I need to rest.

I really need to work out some part time plan, I need to earn more money. I am gonna try all the goods next year onwards and work out my plan before 2017 comes. Time is ticking, and it doesn't stop. This is really scary. I will try to finish the online book notes before Christmas cause seems like I can't really do an advance plan now. I am feeling tension and worried, I should be serious with my health now since I am spending so much on it now. Trying to heal seriously now.

I am a bit sensitive last Saturday, maybe because of my pain. But what I felt that I can't denied that it's true. I am trying to keep my EQ high. I have lots to learn about the working world and people. I wanna learn more, I wanna meet more different kind of people to be able to learn, I actually think this is really important to survive in the world now. So yeah, hold it and learn from it! I CAN DO THIS!

Went out with my mum the whole day on Sunday. The slowest dinner I have ever ate during that day. We finally get to eat Chillis, I was having a really hard time eating, ate really slow as well but the food and service is good after for some time, since it's always packed with people in KLCC. It has been some time I did not go there as well, as I mentioned before, I don't like too crowded places. Finally manage to bring my mum to eat the best bingsu I think the best, but I do not know what that day it was really sweet though. Sigh. What happened? It was not so sweet the last two times I ate though 

There's always a green tea or injeolmi in the order. Both our favourites, as usual I will take out the red beans though. I don't really like red beans. I always picked then out which I do not know why though. I just don't really like beans. 

I will have 3 days rest though. I thought of cancelling my leave on Friday but since it's approved, I will just leave it then. I won't apply leave next week I guess. I have more time during the day since because. So yeah, I have more leaves then. Now I have reason to go to work everyday in a week. Time is useful since I always wake up late during my day off. 

28 November 2016

Last Korean Meet Up for November 2016!

Well, I went for the meet up for Korean last Saturday since it's the last one for November! There's a lot of people though. Seems satisfied though. My mood was quite bad on that day was well since my throat hurts. Especially when night comes, the pain starts. I took twice the painkiller to sooth the pain. Ate some ice cream as well. After the pain feel better, I actually felt hungry so I ate something though. I am stressed about eating the good, I gained but that day I choose to let it loose. Wait, I actually have no choice since it's hurt. So I am gonna mark that following day as my last day of this bad habit and the start of my healthy one. I confessed my bad habit to one person. I said I would want to bury this secret with till I leave this world but I spilled it to him. I don't know why, I hope it's not a bad mistake, that's it. I am already frustrated enough with people around me. There's a guy that I was interested to know on that day but yea was hard to approach him though. I wanted to exchange number and hang out more but damn, the unexpected humans came. I didn't get the chance then. I hope the next meet up he comes and I can get the chance to exchange contacts! He has been here for two years! Gosh! I will attend more meet ups from now on to know more people. I wanna widen my social and broaden my opportunity. 

I found out something and I was actually really pissed off at the same time with the pain so my mood was actually quite bad though. Classes can never mix along, not with silver spoons. Unless there's special ones but I doubt there is. I feel like I am someone useless now or just to entertain human ever since he got the answer. I just feel like so. Yes, I am stupid and naive. Please continue to think me that way, I am more comfortable with that. Please go on. At least, I get to know the real, wait, in fact I actually know just that I close one eye but ever since the day of confession I took the details seriously. Probably shouldn't have done so. Keeping my EQ high just like Bosco Wong from the drama. I think it's a good thing in working or social life. It's called opportunity, it's good when it comes.

It's time to heal my disorder now. I really need to. All the serious symptoms have popped up and I need to take it seriously now. it's already till the maximum extend and I can no longer keep dragging it. Time to work out and follow the diet to loose two more KGs, what I gained from last weekend. That's the side effect it you don't work out to turn your fats to muscles, tend to gain weight really fast. So it would be Day 1 today. I really need to make it work for one month the least before 2017! I need to make it come through! 


27 November 2016

My throat

Great, I bruise my throat last Friday and it's a really bad sign for me already. I know what to do now. But yeah, I am really worried since there's quite a lot of blood. Hopefully by today it's gonna be alright, otherwise, I need to go to the hospital to check and I really dislike hospitals, the fees are expensive as well. Oh please. I promise to do what I should now. Three bad signs and that's it. It would be the end already. It's really dangerous already. I am aware now. I can't keep continue doing it I know. I am being really careful now. I would probably need to take just liquids for the next two weeks for safety. I wanna heal the throat now. That day really gave me a shock, when I saw the blood! I was like shit, one reason I hate eating fish as well. Maybe I ate too fast too, the ME. This is really bad  though. 

Anyway, the notes are really a lot for that one book! I underestimate it. It has many good notes that I keep writing for the whole day, I thought to write more when I was back on Friday but mum wanna go for a stroll so I brought her around. I drank two cans of Red Bull to stay awake till 6AM to do some of the notes and watch some dramas. But yeah, I still got sleepy and slept, I thought I can stay longer but that's not possible at all though. Maybe I did not have enough sleep for the past few days trying to do the notes, but yea I guess I have more time now since I am stopping it. Oh yea the work out thing. I am so lazy plus the weather I am even more lazy. 

I prefer to type using the macbook. Maybe the keyboard is better than mine now, I can type really fast with it. No wonder I prefer to  blog during the day. This keyboard is hard to type though and I keep having typing error if I type too fast. Oh yeah, I went to the family mart though. Since it's back to 24 hours now. There's still many people but I still feel it;s an overrated place. Nothing special except the ice cream, everytime finish when I go there. Never get the chance to eat it. That's it. Parking is hard as well. People who goes there during the night are weird as well, the dressings. Didn't know there's a club there but yeah. I only go there for the ice cream anyway but every time failed. Guess I need to go early of at the right time. Pfttt. 

I manage to dig out some old pictures for the past, like for god sake this is so lame! HAHA! Glad I don't do it now though. Those days. Feeling naive though. But we still need to experience it in our life right? Can't always be mature though. I mean, that;s life. I have meeting a lot of kind of people lately and I enjoy it, I learnt. I wanna make my life rich with useful experiences and knowledge! Thank you people! I won't hate you if you're no good cause I am not too.

26 November 2016

The final weekend for November

This weekend is the final weekend for November! Which means a month more to 2017 ! December is approaching next week, time passes so fast and it's really scary! In a blink of eyes, a year has passed and everything that has happened is still fresh on my mind, as if it happened just yesterday. Looking back to 2016, wait, back till 2014, there's so much has been happened. I can't believe I make it through. From good times years before, bad times and slowly getting better now. I have been through one of the worst time of my life, and what's more coming for me to fight this through? I am ready for more challenging task and obstacles cause it's time. The expiry date is up ! I am READY! BRING IT ON! This is life man. 

I am gonna try to apply for everything next year. I am gonna try my luck on everything. First thing first I am gonna apply for what's my priority. No harm trying but which means I need more sayings though. So I actually really hope the land settles by Chinese New Year. It will, it definitely will, positive. There's so much to do towards end of the year soon. I need to work out so many plans. So much to do soon. Feeling good and high spirit. 

I drank too much coffee lately. I am halting it by this weekend and supposed to start the healthy plan already. I have already achieved and it's time to maintain the good way. I SERIOUSLY NEED TO DO IT. Convincing, no wait, it's reminding myself everyday to do it. I have been dragging it for a year and no longer able to do so. It's time to really start. A year is approaching. I can't afford to do more. it's getting really bad. Lately, everytime when I see overweight people, I feel phobia. I keep telling myself I don't wanna get back into that shape, I worked sort of so hard to be what I am now, I don't wanna go back there. I need to get myself to work out to increase my metabolism, and reduce my capacity to gain weight if I am about to have a normal soon in next two months. I am trying to fix my eating diet now. Hopefully by January 2017, I can slowly increase it. First thing first, it's gonna be work out to prevent from gaining weight. I need to convert my fats to muscles to stop this worry. So yeah. PLEASE START! BE HEALTHY!

I am actually looking forward to this year's Christmas though I do not have plans. I think the best Christmas environment and decorations would be the one in Western countries. I am so envious, I wish to spend Christmas in Western countries again. I only had one experience in the UK, I wish to do it in other Western countries as well. This wish would come true one day. I will make it happen. I will do so. I want to. I really want to.

My last wish for 2016 is to have a special and wonderful Christmas and New Year, as well as my birthday! =3 WISHES.

I feel my blog has a lot of pictures lately, I am feeling good cause it looks better with pictures, otherwise it would be too bored with just words. Have a great weekend peeps! Appreciate every little time of yours. 2016 is coming to an end. :D

25 November 2016

Empty Promises

The worst thing can it be is giving empty promises, don't give a promise if you can't do it. Think before you say, that's wiser I should say. Otherwise, you're creating a bad image for yourself. I gave myself a really strong principle about this, only mentioned things you are able to help only if you can. I strongly stand to this, because I would create fake hopes if I do so. I can understand the feeling at the end. The person who feels so hurt and disappointed would be the person who's given the hope. I can differentiate between empty promises and kept promises now, I have studied much so I wouldn't be that disappointed when it come sto an empty one. I am scared of the feeling that's why. I dislike people who boast a lot too, blowing their own trumpet. We are all not a fool, to not realise it. Some may but yeah, lots to learn about people still yet. 

I feel so cold lately, yes one thing it's because of the weather but lately I feel cold really easy. I don't usually feel so last time. Because I lost weight that's why? My fats are gone to insulate me? That's not the possible reason right? But yea, I am brainwashing myself to go healthy and work out next week. Keep doing so till I will do it, I have been dragging it for some time though, and this is no good. I need to start as soon as possible. Can't exceed a year of it. It's gonna be dangerous. No point being rich and successful without a healthy health. That's what's more important about life and love from family. Then it would be complete. Even better, if you could find true friends to stand with you but that's truely not an easy thing at all. When you found one, learn to cherish them, don't let them go. It's a golden chance that you found one. But lots of people do not know how to cherish them, I have seen many. It's not about how long you know, it's about how much you're able to cliche during the period of time. Time doesn't seems to be important to me anymore. It's how well I can get with the person. Human is unpredictable, so does life. 

I am always envious with close friends and I wish I will have some in future comes. Next year onwards would be a fruitful year they said. I am gonna finish my plan by next month and carry them out next year. I am gonna take these golden opportunity! I can't miss it at this good period of time. Don't always happen so therefore gonna cherish it! Who knows! I will do it, everything and so. Overseas and career? YEAH! Let's do it. I am feeling much better now. I hope it's a good thing though. I hope I have made the right decision. Everything happens for a reason and I hope the reason would be good. Believe the good will happen as always! Regardless how's life has been going. 

It's just that I really like UK. Still, I wish to move to the country if I have the opportunity. Second, South Korea. I will find ways to get to these places. I miss the Christmas in UK. The merry and family love feeling. The fun and the people. I just really wanna return there one day. I feel so stressed that, I still can't find a way there yet. It's my biggest dream of all to settle down there. I really wish this dream would come true one day. It's just..... :'( 

Secondly South Korea would work out for me as well but not for long term though. Short period would be fine. Like my friend said, it's only a good place it you are rich. Probably a often visited place if I manage to settle down in United Kingdom? These two dreams is my main goals for a very long period of time. It's time to work it out to go there. There's definitely a way, definitely is. Feeling a little sad but I am not giving up, it's not me if I give up my biggest dreams. 

What's my other places that I wanna go besides these two countries badly. America and Australia or Europe! Asian countries? Taiwan or Japan would be good too. Hong Kong maybe as well? Probably towards retirement, Malaysia can be considered as well. Oh well, it's too far to think though. Let's see how 2017 goes first. :) SMILE :)

I am trying to speed myself up to finish the books by next week since I am gonna make myself to finish all the exercises before TOPIK study at March. So yeah. Since I am more flexible to study now during weekdays. Feeling satisfied. =3

24 November 2016

Frequently Writing. SERIES.

I realised that I have been blogging a lot every since my loved one passed away and betrayed by friend. Every since 2015, blogging has been my close and trustable  friend. I never really shared a lot about myself even my previous so called good friend doesn't really know much about me. I don't think she's still the right person to tell for some reason. But this time, to my recent good friends that I get to know, I have spilled a lot willingly to them. They shared their advices, experience and tried their best to guide me. Thank you.

The upper class don't always get to mend along with the middle class, that's all I can say. I can only wait for now and see how it goes before voicing out but this is such a waste to me though. Experience, background and maturity is really important. I admit that, I am lacking of all those at the moment and trying to build it little by little, guess I need to speed it up by next year onwards, since time is ticking. Have not work out my plans yet. Need to start it before 2017 approaches! The only different thing now is, I hang out less often and have more time for study, it's like back to my old lifestyle after almost half a year. The time is right though, since I am starting to revise for my exams. But yeah, I planned to resume my meetup attendance to widen my connection and social. I attend less for the past half year, so yeah I wanna know more people again now. Woots! Everything happens for a reason, at least I can call this as an experience. I became slightly more positive after mingling with the oppas. Feeling grateful :)

I have fully achieved my goal for myself. It's time to maintain it in a healthy way with a healthy diet. No more excuses to stop my bad habit anymore. So yeah, I am gonna seriously do it next week. Yes, I have been mentioning for half a year but always giving myself excuses. But now, since I have fully achieved it, there's no more excuse supposingly. DO me no good to keep continue it, I need solution to stop it once and for all, that's the way. It would be bad really bad to keep doing it. I feel it already, two symptoms popped up for some time, I need to be serious in healing it now! It's for my own good.

Actually, I feel less burdened and feel more light now. I don't know why. I never knew it had been such a burden for so long. I feel at ease though. For some things it's too good to be true though, at least I get to dream for a while. It's time to get hard on myself though. Stop dreaming and work on it. Of course, humans to hope good things or fortune come on easy hand but not everyone has the luck. Some would probably need to work really hard for it and grab the opportunity when the time is right.  Just be smart and positive! 

Lately for me TVB dramas has been good though. Especially Two Steps from Heaven, I like the fashion in the drama. Basically, I like the actors in the drama! Bosco Wong is loved =3 His fashion is a killer in the drama. In fact the rest as well though. The plot is getting more exciting now! I like the guy in the picture from the third picture! He's cute in the show but he's married with kids :( TVB actors really don't look their age! How they are able to maintain their youthful looks so good?! Well, this show is coming to an end soon but the new drama is not bad as well! Looking forward though. I don't basically watch every episode only from time to time. Pfftt. 

Korea dramas still soso lately but there are a few that I am quite looking forward though. Especially Goblin! It has been some time since I watch Gong Yoo in a drama. Moreover there's Lee Dong Wook and Sungje! =3 The storyline looks okay though. Well, from the appearance. Lately, Korean dramas haven't been able to catch my attention except the latest one, with Lee Soohyuk is still quite okay though I have always been keeping myself update with Korean and Chinese dramas. Taiwanese dramas are not so good compared to my high school time but I still watch them since I can improve my Mandarin. Mainland dramas are exceptional boring and ridiculous. I don't watch Chinese ancient dramas so I am not sure if they are the same. I only watch Korean ancient dramas which I do not understand why as well. I don't watch Mainland dramas with Hong Kong actors as well. I don't really like that Mainland dramas dubbed the voices. I prefer their voice originally. I have been a drama addict since primary. I watch basically all these frequently from Korean, Taiwanese and Mainland, even Japanese. But Japanese subs slowed down a lot compared to last time, so I actually watched lesser Japanese dramas now. My list is still outdated from previously halted subbed dramas. I can't watch them without subtitles since I don't understand unlike the rest. So yea, I will be clearing my lists before Christmas comes which means after I finished my notes hopefully. Or before New Year, let's see how it goes. Occasionally I watch TVB dramas like on TV when am in the living room otherwise, I won't. While English series, I only watch horrors. :D

My posts are getting longer day by day. I think I have more to say during the day since my energy is still up during the day while drained towards end of the day. I am feeling more bubbly lately. Just wanna feel as positive as possible. Brighter future is coming ahead! Fighting! 

23 November 2016

Frustration, Fed Up

I wanted to take a rest yesterday as well. In fact, I know I should fix myself instead but yeah. I need to go since there's so many pending for me to do. I am not sure when are they gonna hire a new person, but I am really out of wit now, feeling so fed up with all the nuisance. Nothing works well, even the printers. So much to rush and errors keep popping up. What is this man? I just wish, oh well, I don't wanna keep saying it anymore and be positive. I am so tired of to think about all those things. I decided to let go one and not to think about it anymore. If I am appreciated, there will be initiative. That's all I can say. Just feel sad and disappointed that people don't tend to appreciate my friendship. Sigh. I may know a number of people around me, but there's no true friends that I have. I have some good friend now but they would need to leave soon. It's just, I wish I can have a friend that I can rely on and less dramatic or probably please be normal too. I am really tired dealing with people. Probably there's reason why there's all kinds of people coming into my life, to learn and deal with it. Part of being successful is to deal with different kind of people. Alright, I will learn and adapt it. Hopefully along the journey I am able to meet more nice people as well that would help me along the way. 

I have not work out my plans yet. I am too busy concentrating on finishing my Korean textbooks before Christmas. I should work it out some time soon. I am just feeling really tensed and stressed up when I need to see my mum still need to struggle with the house's financial status. I just wish I am someone now. I can understand why she put those hopes but not everything can be forceful be it. You may think that it may be the right one, but we could be blinded by our household problems! And I would be ruined too. There's 50/50 possibility for everything. I am just waiting now. Whether it's still on, it's up to faith now. I don't wanna bother much anymore. There's no more room for it. I wanna work on my career and others. This is just, not important to me. If it's genuine and true, it will work out regardless. Mark my words. 

I feel like I don't have much time during my off days. I barely even finish a book though I am off for the whole day. This is waste of time! Maybe I should not apply leaves? Nah, I still need to clear my leaves still though. Everytime I watch Si An in The Superman Returns, I feel happy. He is too adorable to be able to cheer me up. I just wanna smile genuinely. Too much that's happening and I am really tired. I wanna find someone to hang out with but I am too scared that I would bother them. I feel suffocated at times but I can't do anything, I can't let my love ones worry, they have much on their bowls now. I need to count on my own and be independent! I NEED TO TRAIN MYSELF! 

2017 is coming and in hopes, it would be a great year ahead and onwards. It's the UPS turn now. Enough of DOWNS. Fighting! WE ALL CAN MAKE IT THROUGH, WE CAN! 

22 November 2016

Probably the end?

I took a rest yesterday though, I was out of my wit yesterday. I wanted to take for today as well but seems like the office needs me and I don't really like it. Sigh. What a life though. I took a good rest, so yeah should be fine now. Went out with mum for lunch, see the doctor and finally back home. I feel like it's hard for me to do the notes at home compared to during the day. I only managed to finish a book though, sadly. I need to finish two books during weekdays to finish all of it before Christmas though.  I will try my best to do it. 

I guess  I am able to sort myself now. Everything said was just for a dream for a while, I could have guess so that it's too good to be true though. That's why I never put high hopes on it. Therefore, my disappointment was not that much. I expected though. It's time to face the reality and work my ass up, my time is up and is time to fight the war to success! Learn, plan and change! I can do this! Probably this is not the heaven's three lucky chances likewise mentioned. I believe that's better, sincere and genuine one. My instinct tells me so! I am gonna be really positive about it and it will happen. Fingers crossed. New year is coming, a new beginning! A NEW START! A BRIGHT ONE! In 3-4 months, I am leaving this awful place! :) 

I can't imagine the day they leave here. I am gonna really sad. I had never have such friends that I can share things with for some time. I am happy to know them, feeling really thankful and grateful. I wish our times spent together, could be longer from now on. I will treasure every moment we have now. I am still thinking what should I get for Christmas gift. Something that can be keep and remembered forever. I feel like doing hand made card. Let's see how it goes.

I am getting older pretty soon as well. Feeling scared but I need to be prepared as well to face a lot of challenges soon. My journey has just begun. Enough rest and time to rock this battle! Life back to normal, probably even better now. Forget those day dreams, it's gonna be a work out plan now! I am gonna plan and work things out soon! Fighting! 

21 November 2016

Advice from the Adult

Well, I actually planned to attend the meet up yesterday was decided not to, actually I did not really want to attend though, I am quite lazy to social lately. Maybe I will resume next month onwards. I got up early despite sleeping quite late though. Manage to find some time to clean the house the least since it has been some time since I have done it till when my friends called for shopping. I call it off for the meet up and went for window shopping instead! :) Manage to do some cleaning as well. Feeling satisfied. Well, we went to Pavilion again yesterday. I did not manage to buy anything still though, I can't find the jacket I want. Felt like it's not easy to find when you want it! That's so frustrating! We wanted to go somewhere later that, but can't decide where. Suggested to go somewhere near me but there's no where near me is nice! So we actually went back to our old place, Solaris Mont Kiara. I actually like the place a lot though, I want to shift there one day. Or Bangsar but I think this place is better. Not so crowded and so. We had bingsu there, but I forgot to take some nice pictures! Was so craving for it that I forgot the picture thing. Chat for a while till one of my friend went back left two of us instead. We were there for almost 3-4 hours chatted about so much stuffs, every single thing. I listened to lots of advices, mostly. I can understand what the message sent, but yeah I guess I need to learn lots more. I have a long journey to go. Try? I can know why they would have said so but I can't get over myself. I know I might regret it in future, but.. I don't know. What should I do now? Let it naturally be? I am thankful that I know them. Really feeling grateful.

I spent a lot lately, I should stop withdrawing money out ! I need to save not spend all the time! I am feeling so frustrated now. I will remember the advice, think positive and the positive will come, know your mistakes, admit it and change. That would make you a better and successful person. I will keep this advice in mind. I will. Thank you so much! :) I am feeling loved and cared. Thank you! I hope I can meet more people like them. Sigh. I wish you guys wouldn't leave here and be my friends for long. :(

I should have start my plan since last week but it's already coming to the end of the month, I am actually so dead. I should really start it by today though! I NEED TO! Before December comes, I really need to do it. I am getting ready now. Otherwise it would be really bad!


20 November 2016

Wbat the Hell am I doing?

Okay, yesterday was a day out with mum again, along with le sister. Finally a weekend on my own, I get to take a rest during the day. Do some notes as well. Basically, I spend almost half day to finish my notes though but still lots more to go. Well, went buffet with le family. Ate a lot! I am feeling so full now, it has been so long since I ate so full. I can't feel myself even though. We refilled the meat almost thrice though and the meat number increased every time we refill! We even had to finish it otherwise they would charge us. We refill the side dishes for two times, and the chicken soup was good, I refilled it thrice as well! HAHA! I drank a lot of the soup but there's too much MSG, so I was craving for some carbonate drink later that. That's bad though. After the buffet, can't believe we have more space for dessert! We had bingsu and two pieces of cake! I feel crazy and extremely full after the dessert! Gosh! I had a satisfied dinner. 

After the dinner, went for a stroll with my mum, since I am always out during the weekend for the past two months. It has been so long since I have been doing so. I feel guilty though. I feel glad as well that I am able to bring her out these two days. She has been home during the weekend lately since I am always out. I feel so bad. Though I feel like staying in at times, tired or want to rest. I just feel I need to bring her out. Well, that caused me to spend a lot as well. HAHA. Well, once in a while is fine. I spent a lot on my books as well. Can't wait for my salary. I guess I would spend less after this month salary though since I bought what I want. About CNY shopping, I guess I will think about it after December's salary. Gosh, I wanna earn more money, I am spending more than I earned. I feel so stressed everytime I wanna purchase something. This is so sad.

My mum recently tag me a photo of me and my cousin when we were really young. We use to be really close when we were young. Time passes so fast, we are all grown up adults now, working and some married with kids. From young till now, our looks did not changed much at all! We still all look the same, so cute. =3. We did not spend much time together lately as well. Guess we are busy with our own life now. No good times last long. I miss those days. 

I really miss those days, the days we first met. We were able to spend more time together, comfortably. I get to spend time just the two of us. More talks without call interruptions. No sudden move away or time rush. More spontaneous plans able to carry out. Now, all these seems not so possible anymore. Again, good times don't last, but I wish times like these will happen more often. Like they said, I do not know what the future holds, what the results will be, but I hope it will be good.

I promised to start a week ago, in fact months ago but I am still there, the bad habit. What am I thinking when November is approaching to an end? I said I would stop it immediately! Which I need to btw! I seriously need to take Monday as a start seriously, two serious bad signs are dangerous enough and if I don't start it, I would be in a bad shape. I am already on the goal and there's no more excuses to stop it and begin the good one ! PLEASE START ALREADY! 

Counting down to Christmas and New Year, I do not know what to get still and for New Year, which is also my big day, I am furious with how's gonna be. I had a good one this year with someone I had interest in but he went back to his home country. Will my 2017 birthday be a better one than this year? I hope, I really do. 

19 November 2016

Day Out with Mum

Yesterday was a day out with le mum. I actually had an off day to collect my stuffs and last minute decided to do some shopping though. Actually I thought of finishing my notes, some yesterday but yeah. End up I did not though. My Korean books have arrived and in good condition. Man, these books are expensive and I hope I do not need to spend anymore. My Chinese books are almost done as well. Just left a textbooks. I am basically done with my languages textbooks. Time to study and prepare for it now till the last few exams. Lots of studies to do now though. 

We also went to the MyFamilyMart that was so famously introduced by people as well. To me it's a little overrated though. I thought there will be many different kind of things in the mart, turned out to be just like the other 24 hours mart. Just that there's some Japanese stuffs. Those stuffs you can also get them at other Japanese stalls around though. And probably the special thing is that there's green tea ice cream. That's it to me and those brewed coffees. Otherwise it's just the same like the others though. The location is definitely good since it's near Changkat. Good for 24 hours. Right place to me. After the mart, we went to Atom Mei's one of the Korean cosmetic brand office to get some stuffs. This brand is actually unfamiliar to me till I recalled that one of my friend was using it cause I saw the brand while I was in his house. So I guess it's famous among Koreans as well probably. The bosses are Koreans as well. One of them is quite good looking but not that tall though. Gosh, wish there are locals that good looking too. Pfftt. 

The shopping begins after those tasks! We wanted to go two places but it was quite place and Sunway Pyramid is too far so we just went to Time Square. I spent a lot, and I need to fast now. TT I bought three caps, two cardigans and two tops! I am satisfied now since I always mentioned that I wanna go for shopping! No shopping for the time being till end of the year sales. I need to wait for my salary as well. I just realised that my wardrobe there's only black, white, grey and red colours. Only one green and two pinks, there's no other colours! HAHA! I love purple, but it's really hard to find a nice outfit in purple though. Oh well. I need to get some bright colours now.

I do not know what is happening right now, things have changed after that day. I guess everything happens for a reason. This will be a test of a person, good or bad, genuine or an act. or whatsoever. I wish things can returned as they are. But seems to be quite hard. I miss those days. Sigh. I guess this is life. 

18 November 2016

Worried. Hard. Resists.

I am always worried with off days cause my mum always ask me out for lunch while dinner it's me. I told myself it's a must to start but yeah, I am worried that I can't do it. There's so many last days to put it an end, like today it's gonna be. I said that I will bring her to Jalan Ipoh to eat the curry mee for some time and I think I need to fulfil the promise first. Otherwise I can't start peacefully. As promised, I hope today would be the last day. I think yesterday was quite partially successfully though. I am already there. It's about starting to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I am working on it. I tried so hard to hold myself yesterday. I need to continue to do so tomorrow onwards. In fact, I have to save up myself as well. So this is a good thing. People keep telling me that I can actually eat as normal now, you lost enough but because I did not do it in a healthy way, I would gained weight really fast. So I am slowly trying to fix my diet and begin workout. Yesterday was a start and I hope it continues for good. I wanna bring this good habit forward to 2017 as part of my resolution. I wanna achieved it. There's so much in plans though. Health is a just one of the factor. I don't want to give myself excuses anymore, better to start young than older, the body will get hard on me as I aged. So start NOW! I need to heal myself, I need to save myself before it's too late to so. I wanna recover. 

A month more. I am already planning for 2017. Language study wise I have also planned it as well. I wanna take TOPIK II by end of the year as well as HSK 5, I am still considering HSK 6 but I heard it's more on literature,I guess I don't need it though. Planned to take HSK 4 before mid year but I have not revise anything yet. How am I suppose to take the exam then? I concentrate too much on my Korean study. Hopefully to finish the textbooks I downloaded by end of the year so that before Lunar Year comes, I am able to do the final study of my notes whether it's the new one or the old one along with my tuition notes. I wanna self study to take the exam! After I have done my final revision on my notes, I am gonna start my TOPIK past year papers and some books I bought after Lunar Year. Probably on March onwards I will be focusing on TOPIK yohs. Anyway, I should think of my Chinese exam as well. I should slot in my weekends for it actually. I should arrange my time well though. The least, I wish to be able to leave the country by mid-year and better to be before mid-year. By the time all my best buddies leave the country as well.

I can't imagine during the day they leave here. I am gonna be really sad. They listened to me, advised and at times tried their best to help. That day, I broke down and unable to resist it. Cause I never felt so for so long. At this moment, I feel really thankful and grateful to be able to meet them but good times don't last long. I wish times like these will happen more often. I am so tired with life now, struggling for a better life and so on. I am hoping for the best now, and never give up. Life would be better eventually. Work hard and smart. Stay strong. I have lots of thoughts in my mind for some time. I know they understand my mood swings because my mind is always thinking that sometimes would change my mood. I feel sorry for being so when I hang out with them. I will try to be as happy as possible and smile as much as I could. Appreciate things. I am planning to get some Christmas gift but I don't know what is good and meaningful though but want it in budget as well. Let me see.

17 November 2016

Hot Brother, the plan. END of the bad.

Currently I am watching Sweet Stranger and I like it because of Lee Soohyuk! How nice if my oppa is this good looking! Taking care of me. This is just such a big dream that wouldn't happen at all actually. Totally impossible. After watching Peniel revealing his problem with hair loss, I am feeling worried myself as well. Besides my bad habit that brings great reason to it, I am really stressed with my life and future as well. I know I need to stop my almost a year dangerous habit, but I still not doing it. I am really thinking seriously about it now. It's already November and I need to stop it before December comes. I need to stop it before it turns more than a year. It's bad. Besides, I used to have quick a thick hair but now it's quite thin. I am quite worried though. I really need to stop! I need to do it and fix my diet to increase the growth and lessen the lost. Oh please, the drop has lessen cause of the supplements and green tea, but over the period, it became a lot. I need to find a way to increase my growth now and one of it is to stop the bad habit! Just please stop. PLEASE.

The older generation said look for someone that's secured. But... my heart tells me that's no the time for me yet cause I really can't do it. It's not just because of the appearance, it's also because of the personality. No matter how secured the background is. I am so sure of with my type now, maturity. My main type, my cup of tea totally. Yes, can try, you can't predict future, what will happen next. If it's genuine, people could change, but how sure can we be? I am not sure that's why am not giving a definite answer cause am sure myself with the NO but surrounding would be TRY as of now. I will see how it goes. Just hope.. whatever the results it, it would be a peaceful one. That's it.

The next thing is am gonna reveal my plan to stop my habit. am actually really worried now. I am seriously considering to stop it from earlier on. This is what I am gonna do till end of the year the least, before changing to something heavier at 2017. I heard drinking a cup of cold water once you're awake is able to boost the metabolism so I am gonna do so and have some light breakfast such as coffee/soya oats with egg. They said it's important to have breakfast so this is it. During the intervals, the snack times, I am gonna have green tea as well for the metabolism and for my hair problem due to my habit as well. Lunch would be chia seed + oats, it's quite filling. As for dinner, I planned to just have the yogurt my mum makes. With this plan, I really to add some exercise as well. On weekdays, I wanna do out some toning from the videos I have already saved last few weeks. While on weekends, am gonna just do some running. All these I will do it for 30 mins for the first two weeks probably and increase till an hour after two weeks. Plan sounds okay if I do it. But I delayed for almost 2 weeks which I am really giving thoughts about it to start it by this weekend, again. The soft launch, the least the work outs. Hopefully by 2017, I can add on something a little heavier. I feel stressed with eating now, so I am slowly adding on to my diet. This is not a great plan, but I am slowly working it out. I can't do it one shot, adds on to my stress even more. 

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about future. I just wanna leave the place by next year. I am finding some way. I am not financially stable to be out in Western countries, that's why I hope the land does well. Alternatively, further studies to Japan is my another option for a getaway. Lastly is working overseas in a developing country. I just hope the best outcome would reached. I am really frustrated right now and hope to have a fruitful future. I wanna do the right decision but scared to make the wrong one. What a life. I don't want to be envious anymore. This is just too tired. I want to be envious of and have a better life with my own effort. I can't bear to see my mum would still need to stress about financially at this age, she should be enjoying now like her friends. Honestly, I feel really bad every time I see her. I feel like by when am I able to achieve my career, I am getting older. I hope better choices are given to me. I am looking forward with 2017. I believe it's gonna be a good one. Positive. 

I just hope more good people would exist in the world instead of bad one. 2016 has many political issues. That's weird. What's coming for 2017? I wish there's less crime and wars and blood sheds. Not just me but am sure there's many people who wish that the world would be a peaceful one. I hope things would get better soon !


16 November 2016

Partially solved and the Serious start

Well, I sort of partially solved it but not totally, still in the midst of decision. It's not gonna be an easy one but I will think through it properly before finalised my decision. I was supposed to start the plan on Monday but I failed it. Supposingly yesterday as well, hope I succeeded it. I really need to stop, this month marks 1 year that I have been doing it. This is a bad sign, hair is falling and health ain't doing me good at all. I need to treat this immediately actually. Therefore, has included in my 2017 resolutions, in fact total halt by next month onwards. Fingers crossed. I am gonna try it again today. I NEED TO in no doubt, the toning thing and cardio. I have no more excuses since I had enough sleep. I need to have in order to avoid my excuses. This is no good though.

Lately I feel  thankful and appreciated. I hope that our friendship will remain as long as possible. I mean they will leave one day, one fact that I can't deny at all. But I wish I will be able to meet more people like this in future, appreciation and sincere. The tough time is gonna end, hopefully at the soonest. I really wish what's more to come would be really bright and fruitful onwards. I really hope. I can't bear to see my mum worry and stressed about it anymore. I feel heartbreak, I feel really bad and awful everything I had a argument with her. I always try my best to stop myself. Sometimes, I just want the best for her, that's it. No one is perfect, but she's the only one I have now. She fell last two days quite badly to me while in the temple with her friends. I can't believe that she's still positive about it saying it's karma to absorb the bad things, means the goods will come. It's a quite a BIG FALL, not a simple one and she's not young or light even! Yes, I should say that I should be thankful that she did not get hurt seriously. But I am worried okay! According to her, there's something about the blood shed thing, well. I have been donating blood regularly and I actually enjoy it. Blood cancer was my major and I think it's really important. I will continue to donate in future regularly too, regardless with where I am gonna be. It's gonna be a little hard in overseas but I am gonna try. Maybe I should have done it earlier on though. Why did not I thought about it?

Everytime I put thoughts about it, I feel really stressed and tension. I need to come out a plan, a future plan, an alternative. 2017 is approaching and I need to do my plans ASAP. I really hope the land settle at the soonest, cause it will affect my plan as well. I need some money to go, aside from family, I don't wanna ask anymore else. I don't have the confident to return it. I can't feel in dept with someone else, I will always think how should I return the money. I don't wanna feel stressed about it. This is life, they said and I am going through it now. Hopefully I will make it through. I will be, be positive and strong ! Bright future ahead with your effort! IT WILL BE! 


15 November 2016

Another route to Dreams.

I would have to let go the quickest to my dream. They understand me well cause they have been through it and now it's my turn to go through it. I don't want these temptations to suppress myself, the real me. Yes, I was wavered by it but this can't be right. I can't go against my life because of it. I need to sort myself out properly. At first I thought it was right, but after I found out some other stuffs, I lost this hope of solution. I am firmed with my answer now. When there's will, there's hope. There's definitely a way to leave the country. I might need to let go the biggest and easiest dream of my life, but that's not the way to get it. Let's get it in a good way. If the person is genuine and sincere, the offers still stay regardless with the result. So this would be a test of humanity, life is scary. In fact, humans are really scary! You just gotta love these two brothers. Matured and sensible. I am really sure with the type of guy  I like now, someone that's mature. I am sure of now, probably if it's either they two, I wouldn't be so frustrated and gave a definite answer. Now that I have doubts and frustrations, this is just not right at all. I should have realised it, too blinded with the offer.

Just because I was thinking about it the whole day, the day before. I was so sleepy yesterday. The whole day with the gloomy weather, I just need a bed to sleep. I even thought of going of but I can't, lots to do today. I probably need to sort out my holiday now since I will have a long one. Probably after this week, I can plan out my leaves for December till Chinese New Year. I will still proceed to tender but probably a little I guess. That's why I would need to do the application research by this week to plan out my 2017. Hopefully by mid-year I am out of this place. Fingers crossed. More and more to do when your life is not born with a silver spoon. Climb from zero to infinity. 

I was supposed to sort of soft launch my plan last weekend but that didn't work out. Hopefully today onwards it would be strict though. November is coming to an end in two weeks time. I think I need to find some part time as well. Since, plans are back to the original one. Thank god I did not put high hopes, sort if expected that it would happen though. This is so scary and dejavu. Even by typing this, my eyes are sleepy. I wish there's a bed right now here. What a life I have been for the past coming to three years but more to come soon. Feeling tension and stressed up.

Occasionally posting quotes of life to encourage myself. Hoping for the best. Wish the land can sell smoothly and sooner. We need to survive and this adds on to my worries as well. I am just so tired with life. I wanna smile genuinely. Work at overseas and send some money over. I just wanna give my mum a better life and I wanna achieve it before 30s. To them I am young but I don't feel I am anymore, for some point. This is so sad though. I wanna return to my youth and fix so many things though. Turned myself to a good person. But anyway, there's so many of textbooks. Hopefully I can finish them by end of the year before New Year!  

14 November 2016

Broke Down, Touched and thankful.

Yesterday was a shopping day with le oppa. He knows Pavilion more well than me as a foreigner. Had lunch with him before begin our journey. Walked to a few places to get some stuffs. But I did not, don't see any kind that I am fond of. There's no sales even. Probably will wait end of the year though. For big sales that I am waiting for! We rested in intervals, I finally get to spend oppa a drink, I am sorry that that's the only thing that I can afford. I feel really bad though. But we went to many places today! It feels good that he manage to buy some stuffs. The next round we actually went to Publika to meet another oppa! Had the Japanese dinner again. I noticed that Publika always has these indoor night markets. I did not have time to look at them though since they are waiting. Gonna dropped by to see them again. Hopefully they are still there by then. 

We had the Japanese dinner again. Indeed the place is good for food but I did not manage to eat what I ordered though cause we had a deep talk about the situation, really deep talk about it that I broke down and know they know exactly happened around the house now. What I am facing, what am I so frustrated with the problem. I feel so touched and thankful that they are trying to advice me to let me made a wise choice. I feel sincerity. Up to a point, I really can't hold it anymore, I just broke down. I felt so burdened about it. I don't know what to do or decide. I just hate, and the hate keeps growing. I just feel that this is not right, now I need some time to sort myself and think some good words to spit. I felt so much better now that I told them. More than bits. Those advice actually helped me a lot in my decision and life. I am really touched. I think I will just find them in future, I feel them and the genuine. Thank you oppas. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's my honour that I know you guys. 

Before I spilt those to them, I kept thinking over and over if my decision is right, somehow I felt something is just now right. When four of us are together, I did not talked much but just listened to them. I kept asking myself, let's not talk about appearance, the personality enough is something that I can't accept at all, what's more with the appearance? That's actually bullshit! I am lying to myself. Yes, those facts and realities are important, but in long term, is it worth it to depend on someone but not on your own? Yes, it's my top favourite place and career, probably helpful for home, but I would be unhapppy and in debt for the rest of my life? Why should I do that to myself at this age? He said it right, I really hate doing things that I dislike and it's high to change that. I can accept it as friend but not my partner at all, I just can't do it though it's just try, I am not that kind of person at all. I am just me, just being me. 

Well today is the day. The official launch. Need to change my plan just a little to fix it. Probably till Tuesday but need to stop the bad habit immediately. I hope by end of this week, I am able to regain my original result. Wanna start with toning as well. Hopefully I am not too tired though. I finished my online websites earlier for my online textbooks and am starting them today, tonight. During the day it wouldn't be possible, need to finish all my stuffs once and for all. And, I wanna do some research on the working holiday visas and the Japanese scholarships as well. Need to get myself prepare. So today is the day. Busy till new year! Woots! 

13 November 2016

Confession and Plans, the Right Decision.

Well, I just got a serious confession from someone the day before yesterday though. I did not have a good sleep already and come to this. It was quite a busy day at work today, the weather makes the mood bad and everything. I am feeling so frustrated right now actually. I really didn't expect this and this was actually not in my plan so this actually add on to my frustration. I mean I can still carry on my study plans since I have already been honest to him. But things would be different now. I hope I did the right decision. At first I keep refusing but end up, I gave him a condition to it, for me to consider, try you would say. For my life plan, I have never consider love to be part of it. It's not something that I really fond over. Now that I am considering it, I need some time to actually sort myself though. I need more time to think and sort my feelings. I don't know what am I doing. I don't know what is happening. But I am considering a lot of things in my life. This could be it, could be not too but worth a try? The least, he needs to succeed the condition I gave in order for me to consider though. I never thought of bringing someone so far, never really thought of that. What have I got myself into, really? This is really frustrating. I know, I have been saying this over and over. But, I am gonna believe and trust my heart and mind. I hope I did the right decision. Fingers crossed. Frustrating weekend, that is. 

I had to work yesterday. Actually I don't really have the mood though. But I don't seem to have a choice but to attend event, probably my last event of the year or of this company actually. It was boring but I have got no choice. The weather was not so good as well, gloomy. I really dislike this kind of weather. Actually I really don't like raining season, I wish December would come now. Time just passes by without pausing, the next thing you know, I would probably need to decide already. This is so scary though. 

I would tell telling a lie if I said I don't put appearance into a great consideration. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gave that condition. It's not about the looks but the size though. So I thought of that. No one is perfect but just... I don't know. I actually told. Well. I just need a decent advice and that person is the only one I can think of. I really wanna talk about it but it feels like it's gonna be a little hard. Feeling more frustrated right now. Sigh. Please guide me to the right path please. I hope I did the right thing as well. Oh please.

I have actually succeeded my goal for 2016. I wanna do it healthy now. Starting soft launch probably today, along with my study plan now. So yeah. All the best to me. 

12 November 2016

the MAN of my type, LEE SOO HYUK! =3

It's already the second week of November, so near yet so far. Christmas is coming. Malaysia currency has dropped so much that I do not know how am I going to change to pounds for New Year holiday. I don't have the high hopes of going though but yea fingers crossed still. Means I can't shop at all during my trip there. That's so sad, well. I have got nothing to buy though. I missed the Christmas in UK, it's fun and merry. So many sweets and donuts that I like, something different. People are warm and lovely. I just love it there. I hope it's not too good to be real though. I don't have my 100% expectation, probably just 50-60%. Lesser expectation, lesser disappointment. That's what I think. I wanna learn the accent as well, as native as they are. =3

Lately I have been watching Sweet Stranger and Me! The storyline is not that great but there's so many of my favourite actors and actresses in the drama! I am satisfied so far and to continue to be. 10 more episodes to go probably. My drama lists has been shortened quite a bit. I checked for some latest to watch, but they are still new for me to start. So yeah, probably be end of the month I should be able to begin! 

Lee Soo Hyuk is so my type. Okay, I admit I like guy with bad boy image. I sort of noticed that that's my type as well. I am always fond with actors or guys with this image. I don't know why. He's tall but too thin, I guess he should start working out again like the other time he did, so HAWT! Saliva drooling! I just wished that I am also surrounded by so many hot guys as well. Sigh. I am so envious with them. :( I wanna look good too so that's why I need to start work out from today onwards and maintain my weight in a healthy weight! I need to look bright not weak! Gosh, I have been dragging the start plan for almost half year. And I can't afford to delay anymore. 2017 is approaching and it's not good at all. I need to work this out man! one and a half months, or I would say one month is enough to begin for 2016? Hmmm.

I actually finished my Online Studies for Korean two days before. A week earlier, to reserve for my year end. The notes I have written from the website is really good! Very informative, I basically wrote down a lot, the book is full now! I need to get new one just for my newly downloaded books. I am excited to be able to start by next week though, along with my supposingly to start work out plan ! Pffttt. I hope before Christmas, I am able to finish written down all the notes so that January and February I can study them. I am gonna dig out the old notes I wrote and study them again with the new one and the tuition notes before proceeding to TOPIK II study. Probably by March/April, I am able to get myself ready for the study? The earlier the better now but just in case, I would put extra times so that I will not rush. I am someone that rush to finish off the schedule that I have set for myself though and this is quite stress at times. I like to follow my schedule when comes to my daily routines or even work as well. I like to keep myself organised. 

I hope this is not the right one and the next one will come soon. I know this is not the right one at all, from all aspects. My instinct tells me, there's definitely gonna be another one coming, even better from all angle and I hope it will. I don't wanna force myself to build it. I know it's gonna be tough, totally. I need to bare with it, for a brighter future. I CAN DO THIS! PATIENCE! 

Lately I have been posting lots of pictures though. I think it would make my blog more interesting to read of there is, according to newsfeed. Well. I do not wish any known people of mine to be here. That's why. 

11 November 2016

America New President.

I thought of talking about the countries that I might want to live in after United Kingdom and South Korea. America is also one of my choice but now seems not like it anymore after the election. Somehow, I felt the politics everywhere has a lot of problem now. Just that Malaysia's happened earlier than the others. Here it became useless. I gave up long time ago and wanting to migrate for a long long period. United Kingdom had this Brexit thing which got me really disappointed. Why would they want to exit Europe, but things seems to mellow down now. I still kept my dream to settle down there despite though some things or benefits would be different now. I hope the decision is a good one though. They still have 2 years to reconsider. Within the two years anything could happen. 

Aside United Kingdom, the South Korea politic has became an issue as well with the first female President. Apparently, the story is really interesting though. I have these Korean friends that explained to me detailedly the story and what happened, it sounds foolish and stupid. I can understand why the netizens are angry and to opt out the current President. She did not gave me a good impression either. But yeah, at least the first. I guess she did something good on the other side as well, probably? I don't know well, the politic in South Korea. I dare not judge but I greatly know now, that the locals are disliking it. What happened to the presidential or the leaders these days? The world is getting weirder and weirder. 

The new President of America was just announced. Oh well, I am as disappointed as everyone are. Not like Hilary Clinton is good as well. But Donald Trump... seriously.... I head from the Americans that the out of the candidates, these two are the best they can opt out for election. Gosh, how worse can it be for the others? But these is terrible... I am eyeing on China market now.. Seriously.. bigger and that's why I am learning Chinese now. For safety and hopefully fruitful future. I am not sure about the America's now. I am so curious. A business man to politician. This is unique. Obama will be the last good lead. The end for America! I pray for the good for the country! I have already got used to it with the local condition here so yeah. Will I need to reconsider if I have opportunity to America? I mean. I don't now actually. It's still better than here though. 

Not only these Western and advanced countries has political problems, other developing countries as well. I mean all these has been happening all around. It's just that it's not to promising or I should say more prominent now.  People tend to pay attention to politics now. Me too, I am not those political kind of person, I just read and oh lately all these has been happening, there's so much to read lately, from the world. The world has changed. I wish there is more good news to it, really. It's really heart breaking to always read bad news, not so pleasing news. Just want something good..... that's it. Just some it would be good enough. 

Well, for whatever reasons that all these are happening, I hope the world will get better from time to time. I have been positive, sort of for so long. I am gonna continue to be. Believe the good and it will come.

Unless it's from someone that you are interested, it would be fine. But the person is the main problem now, I am sorry. Don't make me feel annoyed. I am trying to be as nice as I am but my patience, I do not know how long it last. I did not have a good one before this. I hope I have now. 

The End of my post.....