31 January 2017

Chinese New Year Chor Sei - Forth Day

Well, yesterday schedule was quite busy too though. Went to the grannies for visit along with the other aunts. It has been some time since I seen my nephews. They are so grown up now though. Kids these days grow up really fast! I can't catch up with them anymore! It's all about eating again. Thank god, I manage to still do it once for my final week! And it's fast food! This is really crazy though! After the granny visit, we actually went to one of our dad's close friend, a really good friend I would say for a visit. The heavy rain was really crazy! Why is is raining on Chinese New Year! It wasn't so though. Heard that the weather forecast said that the rain would be really bad this year! That's really sad though. I wish it would be sunny and a little hot actually. Plus I was so sleepy though but I can't skip my appointment with my friend. Finally got the gift though. I need to get a final card as well, to make it two. I will see how later today if I have time to get another one, I should have just be honest though. Silly me! I was too sleepy to think right but me myself like the sweater bought as well and it is cheap too! Drank my favourite Chatime before leaving as well and had a chat since we are quite tired, feeling thankful that I was dropped at Time Square. I thought of walking but end up trying to shop for a while which I did not at the end since I met up with another friend later that. I took Uber to the next location and the driver was friendly. Apparently he is an ex air-stewardess. We even shared ghost stories though. I even thought of doing Uber, like seriously though during weekends, maybe after CNY I should submit my documents.

We had Softserve for our dessert again, our never ending craving for ice cream as always! It was really good to catch up with old friends. Now add on to another person who knows the exact story of my life and we chat so much till we moved to another location! The best part is I found out that Sri Petaling has a Villa Ju now! I am so glad, I don't need to go all the way to Solaris Mont Kiara for nice bingsu now. I need to try this though. Maybe one day! I just drank their Green Tea Latte, not bad though but a little pricey still. We chat so much about our life, proven that it has been some time since we met though! Feeling awesome and good at the same time! I missed out the ice cream picture in Facebook so only get to post this here! 

I am still struggling to finish my final book though. It's not easy to find time though. Since there's so many off days it's not easy to slot in some time to study. I am busy today and probably till weekend as well. I need to make use of my time to finish the exercises! CNY is all about eat and eat, I am gonna gain weight if so! Oh gosh! I am gonna feel really stressed though.


30 January 2017

Chinese New Year Chor Sam - Third Day

The third day of Chinese New Year, gonna visit the grandmother today, the lunch is gonna be pizza, what the hell and meeting some friends later was well but the second day night was quite crazy though! I have no mood to eat since I slept really "early" yesterday! Hang out with bunch of old mates till late night. I basically had a free day during the day yesterday so I managed to finish my second final book but seems like these few days my schedule is packed even for me to start my final book though it's slightly more little that the previous book, still I hope to finish by this week though. Before I resume my work hopefully. I took the whole day just to do it, continuously doing and doing till my hand hurts a little now though. I hope the final book will be nice to me though. Finally, yesterday we actually went to eat some good food for Chinese New Year, we used to do that when my dad is here but yeah. At least we get to do it this year too. I really hope that I can earn more and bring my family more often to eat good food like this, like we used to. Just one day hopefully! It wasn't that great the good, the service was really bad but at least, we get to eat something good for once a year. The least we could afford. Feeling a little sad and happy though, that's why I like Chinese New Year, where the family gets together. Feeling loved and happy. Apparently lots of people can't recognise me during the relative visits. So ironic though, I was that fat previously? That's sad though. 

Coming towards the night, we actually planned to go to TREC for a drink, I basically selected the place cause one of my friend lives quite far but end up she didn't turned up. So we last minute decided to change our location since actually all of us craved for ice cream though but the timing wasn't good, since it's the closing time, it's Sunday and it's still the second day of New Year. We went all the way to Damansara Uptown to look for ice cream since there's lots there but end up there's actually nothing though. That's really sad, we round and round to look for an open cafe but apparently there's isn't any though, so we end up fly all the way to Kuchai Lama to a 24 hours cafe name Donutes, I went the one in Puchong, it was quite okay, there's still many breads at late hours but not this place. However, the environment is still quite good though since we stayed like till almost 6.30AM. Well, girls, there's definitely lots to talk about though. One of my friend actually stayed over since it's quite late so yeah, it has been some time since I had a friend stayed over though. It was quite last minute so I end up on the floor but it was okay since it was only just a few hours. 

I am heading out again during the evening. I only had like 3-4 hours of sleepy. I actually feel tired though but yeah, I can't skip my appointments, I actually want to study as well but I don't think I can now though. I will need to squeeze my time for my final book though. The drinks in the cafe were quite good though, I like the combinations.


29 January 2017

Chinese New Year Chor Yi - Second Day

Yesterday was the first day of Chinese New Year, didn't sleep much cause I was not really well and comfortable to sleep and drove the whole day today. We were out visiting since morning till evening from relatives to relatives! The last stop was somewhere I like to hang out which is at Solaris Mont Kiara. The first stop was at an aunt's place that always cooks breakfast for us! The food is really delicious, I always like to go over to have some feast during the first day! This is what we called home cooked food, they are so good! All the food were my favourites! Most of them but I really wish I could eat her non-vegetarian good. Well Chinese usually go vegetarian on the first day which I do not know why, but it's the culture. I ate a lot though and regretting it now. I ate the dishes more than I ate rice, I didn't know if we over eat them cause I thought they would made extra or something. I am sorry if we did! They food was really good! 

They also gave us this little apple from Vietnam, it's really tiny and nice. I don't feel like eating it because it's so cute! I heard that it's sweet though. This is my first time seeing it, interesting though. After this place, we actually went to some other place which is at Jalan Ipoh. I was shocked that the two kids were so tall and grown up now! It has only been a year or two that I did not see them and they have grown up so much! I feel so old now! They are like teenagers now unlike the last time we met! I feel time passes really fast, too fast for me to catch up! Apparently everyone can't recognised me because I lost much weight, I do not know if it's a good thing or not. I feel horrid of the last time me and feel bad at the same time with what I am doing it. In a week more, the resolution the promise. I didn't even know some of them had second kid! I was confused and was like, oh right. kids to grow, in a really fast speed, too fast! This is so scary, I wanna be Goblin for some reason. We had another round again for lunch, I tell you I am actually really full from the first round and all the snacks from the houses we visited plus we drank so much soft drinks for each house, the least this year we have more red packets. 

The last place as mentioned, was at a place that I like to hang out and it's really nice, I have to admit that I am really envious with her, nice house nice car nice job and pretty. Some people just has a good life. Why I can't connect to her? Cause we are at different channel, totally different I would say. That's sad though. I still remember how I was treated back when I was in the UK. Not sure if she remembers since she still approach us to talk to us. Oh well. It's good to be rich though! Life is awesome. 

It's the second day today and I do not have plans, hope to continue with my studies though. I have lots more to go and hope to finish them before I begin my work. Fingers crossed. It has been so good so far just that I felt really sleepy writing this post. 


28 January 2017

Chinese New Year Chor Yat. - First Day

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, in Chinese we call it Chor Yat, the first day. This is usually when we do visiting to relative's house. Could be many and could be little. That's the tradition though. Yesterday was our Reunion Dinner, where I called my good friends as well. The kid was really cute and the dinner was good. There's so many good snacks and food that I wanna share, they brought too expensive gifts which I feel burden, she even gave me big red packet but in return we didn't really gave that big, feeling a little burdened at the same time though. Feeling grateful too and bad. Should have gave them something in return. The first Yee Sang of the year! The food was just normal so I don't think I gonna post it here. Not as good as it used to but still, we get to gather. I basically spent my whole time with the little girl. She's bubbly and cute! 

There's many visiting to do today and I am not sure if there's more pictures for me to post though. I was reluctant to visit since I don't feel quite well since yesterday and I am gonna do the driving most of the time. I don't feel secure to let my siblings do the driving though. There's fireworks last night as well but I do not have the strength to go and see. I just wanna rest well for the night. I didn't sleep well and rest well, been doing a lot of things for the past whole week though. I feel like the holiday is gonna over soon. Sigh. 

It's gonna be good, I am gonna be well for the day! There's a long whole week of Chinese New Year to enjoy! Please get well soon!


27 January 2017

Page 27 of 365. Chinese New Year Eve!

Today is the Chinese New Year Eve! This is when most families reunite to have a dinner together. Basically the only time of the year that families gather to have some time together, that's why I like Lunar Year ~ Last year I couldn't celebrate this festive. This year I could, but things would be different now. The economy is bad, heard the says that it was 70% worse than the years before. I would have to admit that since the Chinese New Year hype is still not there still. There used to be a lot of street stalls that sell New Year decorations or items but lately it's getting lesser and lesser. I just hope the world will get better soon. This time, there will be extra members for the reunion dinner though. My first celebration after last year, a new good start. It wouldn't happen often that I will have a foreigner joining for the dinner, we're close. So I thought I could invite them as a token of my gratefulness. Probably the first and last though. I will update some pictures tomorrow after the dinner cause I would assume that I wouldn't have time to update my blog in time for today so I did it early. It's gonna be a busy weekend though. I am rushing to finish my exercises as well but this week hopefully. I guess it would be sleepless nights? I don't think I have a great plan on weekend which is on Saturday so I think I could study. I bet most shops are closed as well since the main days are on weekends. I would prefer the festive falls on weekdays so that we could have more holidays though! My office is closed for a week, almost but I have to be back on Friday for another final half day of the year. There's so many lunch treats in the company! I am gonna put on weight man! I don't know why but colleagues keep giving me their clothes, just because I lost some weight. Feeling happy and thankful at the same time though. :) I would feel a little taken back to leave but for my future, it's the best for me. I am ready to embrace the challenge! Bring it on!

I seriously miss my dad. I am not someone that's really positive at first but after all that's happened, I became a more positive. I am someone that's emotional and easily hurt. I am trying to fix this point to be less stressful and more positive to have a better life. It's not good to be negative. I strongly believe positive is good cause I can see it coming though it took some time. Good times just happen at the right time though it might take some time. People should go through bad times to learn and to be strong. Don't need to be worried and to lost hope. I didn't expect myself to be this strong to stand and pass through those period. When I re-flash back, I feel stuffed and really stressed. In fact, I felt that during those periods I am more stronger than I am now, maybe because during times like this, you would automatically feel like you need to. It was a tough two years and I am glad that I am able to walk through it, my journey still has a long way to go. This is just the beginning. I am a stronger person. I wanna change for the good, I wanna have a better life. It's definitely not easy to change oneself, but as long as effort is put, it will be promising. Action year and time to work on dreams! I am feeling really inspired now. I wish that I will be capable to provide the family as much as my dad could. Putting myself on his shoes, I can feel and understand the stress he had to support such a big family. My stress now is nothing compared to his. What's more for me? Thank you for everything. Really, from the bottom of my heart. I always feel emotional talking about my dad. Though he's not someone that's perfect, no one does, but he always tried his best to provide as much as he could for the family. Without him, I wouldn't had an experience is Europe. It wasn't easy to get me there. I can't cry in front of my family members though how burden I am, I need to be strong. I need to stand strong cause they count on me now. 

One by one is coming through, don't let go don't give up. Success required positive actions and wise actions and decisions as well. I have been waiting for two years, so much obstacles within the two years. I have passed it and it's time to work on my plans. I only left a week more for my so called honeymoon period, to enjoy till the max. Later that, it's time to be mature and carry on with bigger plans. Feeling excited and anxious at the same time! They said I am someone that do not carry out actions cause of my numbers but I am gonna prove them not. It's easy to say but yeah, I don't wanna make the quote at use. :D I wanna work things out. Things sort of getting better, it will be smooth at the same time too. SMILE more and be happy, life is short! 

I never failed to update my blog almost everyday. That's why I felt like some of my post are quite repetitive though. But I feel better typing out my feelings, cause I basically don't have anyone to talk to, not at all. No one knows my exact feelings are what's really happening around me. I don't really talk about my problems a lot but lately I am spilt a little though, that's why I feel I have changed a little, step by step. Some things just can't be too rush though. It wouldn't be good but I am someone that tends to rush things. Just so me. I walked fast, talk fast and sometimes eat quite fast too. But I have reduced the speed a lot. Career first. family then love! Muacks! I am more into career now though. Should I say my goals or resolutions here? Wink#


26 January 2017

Page 26 of 365. A Day Before New Year Eve

Oh wow, tomorrow is the Chinese New Year Eve! Though the hype overall is not that strong but I am having it though! One of my favourite festive of all time! I like the fact that during this time, our families gather together. Just the splendid moment. In case if there's people who don't really know about this festive, I got some information from Wikipedia. 

Chinese New Year, known in modern Chinese as the "Spring Festival" (simplified Chinese 春节; traditional Chinese 春節; Pinyin: Chūn Jié) in Mainland China, is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. Celebrations traditionally run from the evening preceding the first day, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first calendar month. The first day of the New Year falls on the new moon between 21 January and 20 February.[2] In 2017, the first day of the Chinese New Year is on Saturday, 28 January, initiating another year of the rooster.[3]
The New Year festival is centuries old and gains significance because of several myths and traditions. Traditionally, the festival was a time to honor deities as well as ancestors.[4] Chinese New Year is celebrated in countries and territories with significant Chinese populations, including Mainland China, Hong Kong (officially asLunar New Year),[5] MacauTaiwanSingapore,[6] Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Mauritius,[7] and the Philippines.[8][9] Chinese New Year is considered a major holiday for the Chinese and has had influence on the lunar new year celebrations of its geographic neighbours.
Within China, regional customs and traditions concerning the celebration of the Chinese New Year vary widely. Often, the evening preceding Chinese New Year's Day is an occasion for Chinese families to gather for the annual reunion dinner. It is also traditional for every family to thoroughly cleanse the house, in order to sweep away any ill-fortune and to make way for good incoming luck. Windows and doors will be decorated with red color paper-cuts and couplets with popular themes of "good fortune" or "happiness", "wealth", and "longevity". Other activities include lighting firecrackers and giving money in red paper envelopes. Among about one third of the Mainland population, or 500 million Northerners, dumplings (especially those of vegetarian fillings) feature prominently in the meals celebrating the festival.
Although the Chinese calendar traditionally does not use continuously numbered years, outside China its years are sometimes numbered from the purported reign of the mythical Yellow Emperor in the 3rd millennium BCE. But at least three different years numbered 1 are now used by various scholars, making the year beginning CE2015 the "Chinese year" 4713, 4712, or 4652.[10] 

I love festive seasons though as I grow older, I just wanna be positive and love the merry merry feeling. It's gonna be a good good year! Heads up! So much plans to carry on though! Looking forward with the hunting for overseas! 

I basically don't have much time for new year, guess I would have more rest time and study time next week since the main days fall on weekend. Just hope to finish the exercises before starting work the following week though. Fingers crossed. There's so much to do once I start work though. Packing up my time with awesome plans ahead! I wanna go for a holiday actually but financially doesn't permit me to do so yet, soon. I love to travel, especially when you have the money, travel is really fun and relaxing! It's gonna be my turn soon. Action year, so working hard towards the dream! Dreams don't just fall on your hands, it's up to us to achieve it and work on it! I feel like I repeating the same topic over and over in most posts though. 

Lately I feel like I wanna date, shit, why suddenly the urge? Too much of dramas! Probably for this period and it will be over. I hope so or maybe because I am aging soon? This is bad though, I somehow feel I want to hug someone, to feel safe. Will I have a Korean boyfriend by this year? =3

25 January 2017

Page 25 of 365. Approaching.

I am still thinking the aftermath after accepting the offer. I hope this is the right direction before moving forward. My day diet is slowly getting healthier, more fruits now. Morning and noon. But the night would be the problem still. Since I am still wasting money on food though. I spend a lot as well but still have not save much and not done with shopping. Probably gonna do some last minute shopping this Thursday since I am having half day. At least I just need to do some final cleaning this Thursday night as well since it's the Chinese custom that we can't sweep or mop the house during the eve or the first day. It's gonna be a busy day and I would probably have some time during the day to finish off at least a book for this week and final week next week? I should have lots of time next week though if I hang out less. 

It rains pretty often lately, where was the hot weather? I thought it was pretty hot last few days but suddenly boom, the rain comes. It's gonna be Chinese New Year and I hope the weather would be good! Moderate weather the least please? It's too cold for me lately, I don't usually feel cold last time but lately, I do feel so. I have not much of insulator anymore. No shock absorber as well, I got hit pretty hard at my waist thanks to my car door when I was carrying some stuff out. I hit another time yesterday and I feel the pain now. I basically can't move too much to avoid the pain, I am too lazy to put some ointment as well. I think I should do it tonight, to reduce the pain. Moreover, I feel sleepy really fast lately, I know the diet problem thing. I am working hard on it though. Please watch me.

I do received this question a lot, why do you like South Korea so much, especially my desire to date a Korean guy. I said this many times as well, I just want to have an experience to date a Korean guy, I know the guys wouldn't be the same as the drama Korean guys, I clearly know that. That's just the fantasies for people like me. Like I said, just an experience, who knows it turned out well. Need to experience more to know and understand more about the culture and about guys as well. It's not easy to find one if I continue to live at this horrific place though. I am working things out after Lunar Year and hope it works. Even Korean guys themselves don't think that Korean guys are good, so yeah. I understand the message they are trying to tell me. A warning and caution to be careful with the challenge I wanna take. HAHA! Remember I like challenging tasks? That's just so me. But I hope at least once, I wanna date my ideal kind, or maybe close to me ideal kind. Is that possible even? Fingers crossed, be positive. 

Since Goblin is over, I am reminiscing the filming locations, cause I feel not just the writer is good, the producer and director of the series is good too. Filming locations and at the right time and occasions, overall, the production team is just creative, really creative. I salute them!  I just wanna be rich to visit these places. One day.

These places gives you a really good feeling for wanting to visit them. Feels relaxed and romantic. I would say most of them are good choices. It's so nice that these actors get to travel basically around the world though. Being a celebrity can be stress and nice at the same time. Any other kind of job that I would have this kind of opportunity? :( This is really a good experience though. 

Two more days it's New Year eve and we talked about it last year. Time flies and this year's New Year hype is not as merry as it used to though, basically everywhere. Guess the economy effect is really bad though, I used to feel the different during the festive, but now I felt like it's just the same as the rest of the normal days. Look at how bad the economy is right now. This is just life, it's gonna be over soon and doesn't the world economy is bad each individuals are bad as well. It would be different so heads up and be positive, life goes on and for some reason, for some people it would probably be good, believe that, that's all I can say. Times will be better as it goes by. 

I want a hug from someone that's tall, good looking, warm and loved. Brothers? =3 

24 January 2017

Page 24 of 365. Monday Blue

Well, weekend was quite hectic with cleaning. Basically almost the whole day cleaned the house and out during the night. Didn't had enough sleep the night before. Went out till late night with le old friend for a girl's chat. It has been some time since I catch up with them and it was interesting and fun, funny too. Didn't know these ladies are quite a drinker as well. Mine came up late towards my old age though. I have been craving since Christmas. This is not good to go with my diet though. I am trying to cut down my coffee and cold beverage/dessert as much as I could though. I try not to take them during the weekdays. If possible just occasionally. As an excuse again, after Chinese New Year, as usual I might have many functions. Which means next week is my final week! I need to achieve my 2017 resolution, to do it healthy. No more coffees, alcohol, sweet and cold food or drinks. It's time to cut down with this age now. Otherwise it's gonna be tough on me. So yeah, working hard towards it now. What a life, so much to think about.

I think I am gonna accept the offer and see how. I mean this is not the place but a stepping board. The dateline is approaching nearer and nearer and yet I am uncertain with my definite path. Tick tock tick tock. I hope I will made a correct decision. I wanna go to the right path. I am gonna enjoy till the max for another week before beginning the war. In a good way, time to fight this battle though. I wanna do the right option, that's all. Life has been interesting, I wish it would get really better soon. There's always ups and downs in life so I hope that I will be able to face the challenge and be a better and successful person. Nothing more to ask for. I wanna be as positive as I could. 

I just heard from one of my good friend that her mum passed away. The other time I was recalled by her that her mother was sick with cancer. When they found out that her mum has cancer, it was already the fourth stage and it was back when we was in high school. When I visited her to borrow her swimsuit last few months, it was my first time to see her mum and that moment I totally forgot her mum was sick, when I look at her, I feel sad and fragile. I felt heartbroken when said this to me in Chinese "Come and play with my daughter often", in a weak and agile tone. I quickly said yes in a happy way. I feel sad. Nothing is much more sad that seeing the person you loved so sick and depress. I can totally related to her feeling. It feels sad that she has lost her mum. I guess it's not totally sudden but still its heartbreaking. I know she's sad deep inside, I am glad she's someone that's really positive, unlike me. I hope she's coping well and I hope she's strong to go through this. I guess most of us on the table that night, has been through something hard. We all have a long way to go in life. Long way, there's more obstacles and circumstances to face and go through, am I am ready ? YES I AM, and I will. 

I never had a drink night with them before though, as for now we planned to have one section this Sunday at a friend's place. So yeah, I am actually quite looking forward though. Time passes so fast, we are all adults now and our topics are really different now. I noticed I am different with them. I am able to bring myself, the different of me with different groups. Good thing or bad thing? Something I need to do in social life, have to be different and can't be the same all the time. That's just not professional and wouldn't do good on my EQ though. I am still working hard on this, I am trying hard to slowly fix my diet as well besides myself. It's not easy, but I am working hard. It has been too long. Never up right! 

I want to have more oppas to take care of me, I just like the feeling cause I am tired bring the one always need to be strong and tough which I don't think myself am emotional. I am getting weaker physically, I feel. So yeah. That's why I like the Korean culture. I like this point of them which I don't think I can find else well, I wish there's more oppas coming into myself. I need to put some effort as well but how? Where do I find this oppas? I hope there's light toward this path soon. WEEE!



23 January 2017

Page 23 of 365. Expat Meet Up

My weekend was well spent though. Spent the whole weekend cleaning during the day, Feeling much satisfied though. Spring cleaning for Chinese New Year is practically done. I am still not done with transferring my musics to my hard disk. There's many musics and I wanna clear up properly the disk as well. So much to do though but so little time I have. I went for a meetup that I hadn't really been going last Saturday night. It was at a bar at KL Sentral. It was my second time there, it was a good place though. I like it there as well but I didn't drink that night, don't feel like I want to so I just had a mocha instead, it was quite good still! The view there was quite nice though and with the cool breeze. The meet up was quite okay, just that so many people clicked attend but just half of them turned up. Many Koreans for the night as well. I wanna go for a swim again one day. It has been some time though. 

After the night, went to T Garden again for a drink, the topic is interesting for that day though. We talked about love and marriage. The risk to take to know a person. I am scared for this day to come, I scared that I would made the wrong decision. Oh when will my real love will come ? It's nice to listen to experienced's stories. I get to learn and know more. I heard a lot of the guy I am interested, apparently he's leaving here for good to Korea, and his earning is not as clean though. Oh well, I need to search again. I wanna see him for one last time but I guess that wouldn't be possible anymore. Sigh. Guys for business. I get to know more about people, to understand I would say. 

Human are so interesting. Never ending studying. It's really not easy to fully understand about a person. I have lots more to go though. I am not quite satisfied with Goblin's ending though, it's a little predictable but overall is good. Everyone remembered every thing. It's really a Happy Ending as everyone would expected or wanted. But the love line is really cute. I really enjoyed the love story. I wish there's more good show like this. I miss this feeling though. Few more days to CNY and I am excited! Looking forward though. 

22 January 2017

Page 22 of 365. Outing with mum

Well on my half day, I had a day out with le mum after work. It was tiring but I carried on. It was a raining day as well. But end up in a good weather during the day though. Went to get the stuffs she ordered. Dropped by Midvalley for the Korea Fair as well. There's not much of stuff though. They actually combined with the chocolate fair so it was quite small still. Quite disappointed. Went all the way there just for it, but I manage to get my cheongsam finally! I am satisfied that it is really nice. My mum got me a birthday present as well, the one that I wanted to get but it was too expensive so I let it go. Thanks mother! I love it! It's really my favourite! I finally managed to eat Family Mart's match ice cream! Every time I go to the other branch, it's always finished. Since it's newly opened in Midvalley and the craze has died down, I managed to get one. Lots of green tea for today as well. I had a matcha latte but it was quite expensive for the size though. But quite nice. 

I had an expensive dinner that night as well. Went to Chillis and the meal was quite satisfied but I was too full. I think their old menu is even better. The new one is a little too dry though. Not many gravy in their menus anymore. I missed their old menu. Just a day and I spent RM300. Money is crazy lately and that's why the promotion is under my consideration at the moment, but the notice period is the tricky part. I hope it wouldn't be extend. Need to probe further on this, could be risky and dangerous. I will see how. GAH! They are a step further. In two weeks time the hunting will begin, let's start with overseas first. 

Goblin has been really affecting me though. I feel really loved watching the latest episodes, too bad it has ended. I love this drama a lot, I never loved a drama this much before and I am glad that I started watching this drama instead of waiting till it is out till half episodes, I just can't resists and the storyline is really good. I am really satisfied and I do admire the writer! Good casting as well. I read some news that said the drama actually surpass DOTS. I actually think this drama should surpass that drama. It's way better and unique! Got me into fantasy and guessing couple of times! Just that if I can find love as goes in the story, I would be deeply inlove. I love the two main male actors and I do like the two main actresses as well. That' made me love the drama even more. This drama shows that age is just a number, I really do like guys that are slightly older and more mature than me. I like tall and manlier guys, I feel secure, probably that explains why I am still single right now. I hope this dream guy of mine will come soon. Don't need to be exact, but close too is good enough. Coming soon right? :)

I am trying to be as positive as possible as usual. I don't wanna talk about myself or anything about it anymore. I wanna show the happy side of me and cover as much as possible like I used to, no matter how hard I am doing through. This is a good ground for training to be poker, poker face and person at the right times. Sometimes, you can't just show yourself too much. I almost did it, and I wanna grab a whole of it now. It's going to be the truly new year soon in two weeks! It's still not to late to grab a hold! I just need to have the happy memories and thoughts cover the negatives whenever they appears. :D I need to keep remind myself to do it! It's just the beginning and I wanna do it as quick as possible! It's not easy, there's never easy to a successful life. I am willing to take the challenge and move on. Change for the good and action year for the success! Let's get the hype on! I am ready for this WAR! FIGHTING! 

21 January 2017

Page 21 of 365. Promotion

Alright, I was already frustrated enough though, and now pop up another choice. It's a good thing but it adds on to the difficulty for my decision. I was suddenly offered with a promotion and in hands, I think it's probably to refrain my from leaving the company, not everything happens so coincidently. I have few options now, stay on with my plan and accept the offer while hunting or stay on till I leave this country. First option would make me leave the new place half way if I manage to leave for overseas, and if I manage to get into a good and big company, I will not be able to get back in. Otherwise, I need to choose a medium size company that I might not even think or returning. So what should I do and how should I decide? To me now, my priority is the increment or a better offer in terms of salary and benefit now next would be the job roles, I am someone who likes fresh things and enjoy learning new skills and things. I like something that's challenging. While I am still at that age, I wanna develop myself before it's too late! I need to decide when the time comes, I need to see how the flow goes now especially after New Year. I wanna ask for second opinion, thinking if I should ask my good friend. But he's not local, not sure if he would give a constructive advice. I am so frustrated right now, let's just enjoy Chinese New Year first okay, I am feeling the hype now! 

I did not sleep enough for the past whole week, probably 4-5 hours minimum. I am doing the not so healthy lifestyle again. What was I thinking man? My diet is already bad enough and now I am doing this. I am really screwing myself up though. I am feeling sleepy everyday and drinking coffee almost everyday. I was supposed to stop this week but I did not, so yeah, again an excuse next week again. I manage to hold on to my cold drinks and ice creams and I hope to do that for a long term for my health purpose. I can't get myself addict to coffee so I need to stop before it's too late! So yeah, it's action year, so it's all about effort that I need to carry on! 

I suddenly miss the guy that I was interested in, just because they met him the other day, the day that I missed! Damn it. I started thinking about him lately. Apparently, he doesn't seems to be a good guy, not to say not good but his career, well is a little not so pleasing? Not the right word as well. I don't know how to describe or use the right word. But at the moment I don't really care, I am not thinking further, I like the admire feeling now, it has been so long since I felt and I miss this feeling. I just wanna be friends with him. Probably after knowing him my interest will lost. Not sure if it would still be the old me but I wish to know him more. It's not easy to meet a guy that's over 30s and still look good. The locals here definitely look like their age and the belly. Gosh. Okay, don't say others, my age is definitely catching up. I need to stay fit and keep myself at I am, which means I should work out by this year otherwise it's too late! I wanna wear bikini at least once before they leave! AHHHHH! 

Goblin is gonna end by today! I am gonna be really sad! I never been such a big fan of a drama before, okay I know I have been saying this but I really like this show a lot! I feel it's really good. I like the love line as well, the portray and the story line! I like the endorsement in the drama as well though they are quite obvious, I mean that served the purpose right, the luxurious car, house and others. I am so envious though. I am gonna miss the drama, felt like there's so many things to miss lately! I really want to have oppas like them too! I have now, but I don't want oppas that gonna leave me! I need to go to South Korea!

I miss my dad lately. Since Chinese New Year is coming. It's the second year without my DAD. Time passes really fast though. In a blink of eye, another year has passed. It still felt different, the merry is not really there anymore. Don't talk about lesser red packets, I don't really mind anymore. I would love or prefer family gatherings cause I love the merry and the laughter from the love ones. It will happen, I hope it will. I miss those memories, I miss eating good food and became fat. HAHA! I miss you, dad. 


20 January 2017

Page 20 of 365. Action Year.

Now I know who exactly I should or can talk heart to heart. I know better now what kind of topic I should or should not bring up as well. Typically when specially mentioning something not so good about their kind. Sensitivity. I really hope I don't cry in front of them anymore! I really hate it when I do that, feeling embarrassed. Reminding myself everyday, no more that topic and myself. Just positive and no negatives. My 2017 resolution! Need to imply within a week, actually within this month supposingly. Working hard on it though, I can see there's improvement! HAHA! All kind of humans in the world. Need to learn to cope and deal with them. Challenging but this is gonna be great and fun. Let's rock it man, it's not just about career or myself, it's about the mankind too! No talking about humans anymore. G.O.O.D! 

Went to Korean karaoke last two nights. Should say, I was suddenly been asked out that night to meet at Starbucks at 10.30 at Solaris Mont Kiara. If it's not because I like the place, I wouldn't have drove all the way there cause I am really tired. Friend said something that made me think, but yeah, keeping the whatever attitude, feeling not so affected already. While another, almost quarter ignore, don't wanna torture myself with boastful words anymore. Woots. Lesson learnt! :) Well enough. It actually makes a different though. That day there's many cute and handsome guys passed by. I really wanna know them but doesn't seem possible! Tall and good looking, damn. Shy to approach. After some chat, we went to Korean karaoke! Well, it's newly opened though so the songs are actually quite updates but I don't like the without vocal songs, it's different from the local karaoke here. I would prefer the local one. The instrumental song and some place the sound system or maybe I am used to it. Probably. Sometimes their topics could get be envious, they basically have no worries financially. Can just freely talk about spending and visit here and there. I really wanna join in as well, badly. but I just can't afford to do so but just listen and be envious. I wish one day I can travel around the world and spend without any worries. Watch me and I am coming to the level as well! It's just my beginning, I am gonna make use of my good and positive 2017! It's action year! Time to work things out already! Dream come through to happen! 

The place is still quite new and the songs are quite new too. But the price seems quite expensive as far as I observed. The gang of cute guys were here as well. They passed by to go to the toilet, damn! I wanna moved to this place. There's many close to my cup of tea here! I wanna earn more money! Damn it! My dream once I have achieved my career is to move to this place, not Petaling Jaya or Kota Damansara but here. Felt like this place is quite centre and there's many expats! Westerns or Asians, me like! Goals to achieve!

So yeah, yesterday I only hard like 4-5 hours sleep but felt like I am not awake than usual. This is so weird, my biological clock is used to this duration of hours of sleep? But it's not healthy for my age! Suppose to be 6 hours the least though! Need to fix it. I think I can finish the soft copy exercises by next week though. I thought it would take some time since there's so many textbooks but I just remembered while doing them, the books are actually quite basic. Just a few that's more intermediate so yeah, no wonder it takes shorter time! I can do more things if I am able to finish by next week which means by end of the month I can update my resume and start to submit earlier. The hunting as well and soso. Feeling excited and anxious at the same time though! I am curious with my new path and then the next one! Moving forward closely and wisely! Oh yeah! I am actually excited for Lunar Year as well cause OPPAS are coming! =3


19 January 2017

Page 19 of 365. Sleepy

I feel sleepy really quick lately. I think I should start sleeping early though. Why am I keep sleeping so late lately? This is really bad though. My health is already not in good state, so no more adding to it! What am I thinking? I do my posts in advance, a day and even typing this I am feeling really sleepy. I am left with few books more to finish off, hopefully to be able to do it by next week. Some books are too basic for me to practise my exercise. Hopefully the coming one would be good enough, if so, it would take some time since I would have more to do though. Also, I am trying to cut down my ice cream and coffee! I would like to change my green tea diet once it's finished. I found something better, since green tea is also quite acidic though. Let's see how. Next month is gonna be hectic, so much to STOP and START. I can make it! Because I have been starting with fruits lately, I think I like orange though. I like juicy fruits and soupy food. I don't really like dry food though. 

Money is really a sensitive word. No matter how hard my situation is, I tend not to borrow or lend money, whether is among family or friends. You don't find just anyone that's has a big heart with money, unless those are kind hearted, extremely and rich, I guess less than 1% are only these people. If I have lots of money, there's so much I wish to do though. But yeah, the difference. Friend who is rich, just travels the same place or dine in to the same restaurant, can't understand. Maybe because I am someone who loves something different. I like new things probably. I would also like to open a shelter for stray dogs as well. I wanna build schools at countries who can't afford. I wanna build home for the elders that abandoned by their children. Also, welfare support for the homeless. You can save the world but the least, with lots of money, I can do these kind of stuffs.  It's easy to say but to do it's hard. You will never know if you stay the time if you are filthy rich. People would change. The good and kind heart varies from different people. Some people naturally has it, some through experiences. As for me, I don't know what am I, really. 

This week is the last week of Globin! There's no longer nice drama to watch. I would be back to bored and the normal me again. I never fantasised a series so much before and this is my first time, feeling old and yet young. Age is catching up, can't be so into it anymore. Talking about series, felt like it has been so long since I go to a cinema. I will like watching Resident Evil : The Final Chapter in the cinema since there's Lee Jun Ki. Yea, I enjoy watching Asians in American movies. Feel proud though. I am envious with the Asians who born in overseas because they speak good and fluent English, unlike me. Awkward. And they said, I have talent in language, do I ? I wonder. 

Final shopping probably this week with mum, little more it's gonna be Chinese New Year, I am actually really looking forward. It's my favourite festive of the year, one of them. Feeling the merry like Christmas but with family this time. That's call LOVE! Though it's not gonna be as merry as it used to, by the least, the only time where everyone gets together as a family. It's gonna be good and happy. Blissful 2017. Fruitful 2017. May all your dreams come true! 

Lately I am quite into make up. I feel like my interest towards more to girl's stuff grows as I get older. Isn't it too late though? I wonder. I started doing my eyebrow, put some light and simple make up, a little coloured bum and whatsoever. I just wanna look good for as long as I could since human aged forward not backwards, well I wish. So many people can't recognise me now. I am not good in remembering people's name but the face is still okay. I use this ability to recognise roads as well. I need to go/do it at least 2-3 times to lock in my mind. I wanna try not to use the navigation though. 


18 January 2017

Page 18 of 365. Hair is falling

I am feeling so worried and stressed now that my hair falls a lot and it's getting thinner. I want thick hair not thin hair. I have already included food that boost my hair growth and thickness and I really need to follow it by next month to fix my diet and stop my bad habit at the same time. It's action year so it's time to be serious! My chest is pain lately as well. So many bad signs and I am not stopping, more than a year and it's getting bad. I need to stop it once and for all. Health is hard to restore, so please! Don't continue anymore. Please. 

I am so much in thoughts right now since the new month is approaching and lots of things I need to decide right now. When to go and where to go. That's a really big question. I wanna make March as my final month so which means next month would be the hunting month. I wanna save my leaves for my preparations. Oh yeah and I didn't know there's such thing as compulsory leave. It's like literally wasting our leave. So now I need to apply half day leave on the following day. Wasting, grrrrr. I wish I am a freeman too. Don't need to work but still there's income coming in and just enjoy life. I hope mine is coming soon. Working hard and smart for my future! I can do this baby! I can do this! 

After Lunar Year, my diet would be a little heavier, I have included nutrients I needed for my diet and my hair of course! I just wanna go healthy. I need to. It's too much already. Even lately, I have been taking fruits for my lunch. I know it's still light but let me slowly get my diet back to normal okay? I am trying my best here. That's why it's part of my stress as well. I wanna be healthy and take care of the family and enjoy life. So I wanna work things out at the soonest, I don't wanna hear it's too late that's it. 

Lately, I am really into Obama's two lovely dogs! They are so adorable. Can't believe it has been 8 years since he became a President of the United States! For me, no one is perfect, but he has been a inspired President so far. I am really curious with Donald Trump's lead. Really curious, I guess everyone as well. I used to watch his show, The Apprentice! But as time goes by, I stopped watching. He's a really smart business man, that's what makes him a billionaire I guess, envious but why the President ? 

I was wondering if what I have done is right or wrong but what have been done, is already been done. Can't turn back time and fix things up. I hope my instinct is wrong at times. I hope I can feel more care and love ever since. I really miss those days. I felt they fill in my dad's spot that I don't feel so empty anymore. Sigh. 

17 January 2017

Page 17 of 365. Thinking

I don't want to think so much, please don't think so much, why am I thinking so much always? A Sunday out with my ex colleagues feels awesome. I was suppose to attend a meet up but I end up skipping it because I was lazy to rush from a place to another place. It was worthwhile though. Lately this word lavish has been playing in my mind lately. I wish I could do that one day without any worries. But anyway, had a long chat with le friend and realised I found someone on par with me. No wonder we can chat so well every time when just the two of us meet. She's as positive as my male friend too, that's why she did not realised she has already passed the obstacles. I wanna be like them too, I don't wanna feel so stressed. I don't wanna think so much. Makes my mood swing bad, especially during the time of the month. It's really bad, really got to change this part of me. Finally get to drink Coffee Bean, otherwise I am always with Starbucks, I tried all their season drinks and bored with their menu now. Felt like I tried most of it. Lately I am really into coffee but I am trying to reduce it, everything is all about after Chinese New Year.

I am still wondering if everything said was true but I guess I should ignore it for now, I am fed up of it. Hopefully it's true. I told myself that he would make excuses not to come last minute and end up it's true. I think I know him too well now. He always make it so obvious if someone is useful or not anymore. Honestly, I feel really offended but what can I do? I should be thankful that I still have people that still cares for me sometimes. That soothed up me, really. Wether he still does now, I don't know. I am too tired emotionally to care anymore. I wanna be like them positive. He only takes every action when I mentioned something. Not even an intention of invitation, assumption of not. Sigh, I feel sad though. Felt like I will only be part of the plan only when needed. Otherwise, there's no me. Or maybe I am just thinking too much. Not worth the thinking, at all. I hope everything happens for a reason. Let it naturally be for now cause what goes around comes back all around. Life of karma. 

Goblin will have it's last episode this week. Feeling sad now that there wouldn't be more dramas like this anymore. I like the storyline of this drama, really unique and nice. I never been so addicted in a drama more but this is good. I can't have the exact guess of the story for the next episode. Keeps you curious once an episode finishes. Gong Yoo and Dong Wook seems to be good friend though. I am envious! 

I think times like this, I really wish to go for a holiday but too bad I can't afford it. I have to have more good memories. Will that be possible? It will, it I put effort to build it. Money don't fall from sky but I wish it does. Chinese New Year is next week. Time passes really fast! This is so scary but I am looking forward as well. I like the hype of Chinese New Year, the family gathering and hope I don't put on too much weight after the festival though. I have put so much effort for a year to loose weight! I still haven't get my pants and cheongsam, this Friday would be shopping day though. I wonder if I have enough time but yeah, will try my best.