20 May 2017

Supposed to STOP

I was supposed to stop this week but I did not make it the full week. What was I thinking? I really should stop, what am I doing? Oh please. I need to STOP it by this week the last shot for myself. I made a promise and I did not keep it, Jerica please be strong with your determination and will. You need to STOP, this is getting really severe, it's almost one and the half year and it's really dangerous if this crossed the border. Please, this weekend my last SHOT, I need to STOP instantly. This weekend would determine my success how far could I go, so please make it real. Please fulfil your task, resolutions and promises. Please. I MUST! It's working weekend and I will have an interview in the morning later. The interview seems to be quite a big thing since it's gonna be like three hours. I hope at least this company would be the least the one I would be quite fond though. I mean, I did applied new ones last few days, see how it goes.  Hopefully some more good ones coming through though. I almost got fed up, but keeping my hopes high. I wanna STOP my habit as promised and find a good job at the soonest by June or July. Finish my sort out as well. So much to do, I wanna do new things by July though. Fingers crossed! 

Oh boy, look at this cutie pie Si An! Daebakie is seriously so adorable! I really hope they would be on the show as long as they could. I watched this show basically every kid since they were young and it feels good to see them grown up so much now. I love this show a lot, especially when there's new kids comes in. Time passes really fast as time goes by, this kids grown up so much day by day! He's one of my best favourite so far! I really like him and wish to see him one day when I am in Korea! I really wanna find his place and see him! BIG FAN HERE! =3 He talks more and more as he grown up. He's really silly at times as well. AWWW! How can you not love this little thing. =3 I wanna have a kid like him in future too. His father taught them well. I admire. Felt like, I have lots of things to  blog lately whether it's my problem, my daily life or celebrities. It became a habit that I blog daily now and in advance as well. I am always curious with who's my readers. As long as they are not from my circle I would be okay. 

Plans till July are ready, I just need to finish them in timely manner. I have more new plans after this current plan is done. Rushing and Rushing. Never ending tasks though. I hope to take the Chinese language exam before year end though. Hopefully to finish of my Korean and Chinese languages exam by next year 2018! I wanna start studying Japanese then French, then Spanish, then Germany language then Russian, so many languages I wanna learn. I just love languages aside from musics! One of my great interest in my life. Dogs and family as well =3 I hope the post for today is enough. The next few days posts would be mostly about my working weekend though and also my interview later. Fingers crossed, hope I will do well. ^^


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