4 July 2017

4th Day of July

Today is the fourth day of July! I am having my second day MC. I had a fever and bad gastric and I think it't most probably with what I have ate recently, compiled up and became worst. I said the second half of 2017 I will need to work on my diet and be healthy but I have not start it, I delayed a day and I hope this would be the last day that I would delay it. I need to start by today onwards regardless because my gastric has been back lately. I am scared of the pain so please do not do the bad habit anymore. Wanna reduce the appetite avoid unnecessary spending and it is waste of time as well! Please. I have been retrieving my files till wee hours lately. The hype to finish it is back, I wanna start and finish everything fast.

I finally booked/buy a car yesterday, a second hand hair. I need to least to get myself one for my new job which I am still waiting for the offer letter to read the terms and condition. As updated, they would send me by end of this week and I can't tender my letter till I am sure of what I am getting and confirmed it since I have got myself another burden. The least, I can start doing Uber during weekend now. Except night during weekend though, it would be dangerous for me since there's many drunkers during the night. I wanna earn an extra income already. It's gonna be hard for me to save with my current earnings. At least, I have a good bench mark. Because of my new car, everyone knows my salary now. Damn it, the least I hope this is for it. I hope before I hope to my another new job, I will not reveal anything anymore. I will do on my own. I will not talk much about my problem to my mum anymore or to anyone else, just here is fine. I hate when people know more things about me and I do not know why. After seeing the doctor yesterday, I have this urge to meet my bae. I think I need to control myself from troubling someone else. I don't wanna be so attached. I wanna distance a little and spilt less thing about myself. Remember, ask questions instead ! GRR! That was close though and I said I should stay in during weekdays right! I need to finish my retrieving fast and faster! There's so much to do once I start my new work and I hope and pray hard that everything goes smoothly till I get my offer letter. I am gonna tender by next week which means I am gonna have lesser break time now. Sigh. I thought I could have an extra week though. Now, it might be just nice. I am gonna enjoy this month till the max aside from not forgetting my duties! Only out during weekends kay? And spend less as well unless I have an extra income. I still need to time myself to my new work place with public transport too to see my expenses. Maybe after this week, after everything confirmed. Oh guys, please faster finish the offer letter and don't leave me hanging anymore. It's gonna passed two and a half year in my current company!

My posts lately has letter pictures since I update my blog at night. I probably can't update my blog during the day anymore. I need some time to adjust with my new environment once changed. I hope I can adapt and excel fast! I wanna prove that I can do it and I am beyond my capability! Watch me people! I will do better than you guys with my own effort! Climb up the ladder high and I would succeed it, think positive and strong. Have a massive strong will and determination for everything, especially with with stopping my ba habit and succeed in my career, need to be healthy as well !


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