5 July 2017

5th Day of July. Si Ann.

Today is my first day of work for the second half of 2017. Eagerly waiting for my offer letter to read the T and C. I need to tender already and I thought to have a short break, guess I will have no break, not so long ones. Oh well. It's okay. I just bought a car, my commitments are high now, I can't resign as I wish now. I need to look forward in improving myself and move up high and this is just the beginning. I had good rest these days and time to work on my plans though. At home, definitely I am rushing with my retrieving. Just found out that I can actually edit the information of the song inside. Gonna do it after I retrieve all my song categories before moving to online storage. Still, there's lots of songs left. No more outing on weekdays as promised since I need to finish my stuff and save money. Possibly on Friday too and just out during Saturday and Sunday. I wanna have more savings so yeah, I need to sacrifice some stuffs. I will be very busy by next month onwards. So I am trying to put more leisure this month. Wanna relax till the mass before entering the war. I am still having hard time trying to stop my bad habit. I said I would stop, succeed a day and failed the rest. No more today onwards please. Not good to bring over this habit to a new half year! Please!

My favourite little baby. Isn't he cute? He's my current favourite kiddo in The Return of Superman! The rest are cute as well but he is my favourite. William gets more cute as he grown up. Seung Jae is a little too hyper active and talks a lot. He seems to be a very bright kid! Lo Hee seems cute as she grown up too. And the twins, Seo Eun Seo Jun grown up so much! They are still so adorable despite being mischievous at times. I basically watched them grown up. From baby till this age. Time passes so fast, and I still never get bored with this variety show! I love kids, but I find it hectic to hand one of my own. I wanna concentrate on my career and health for now first. Let's do think about it after there's 3 at my age. Few more years to go and I wonder who's my Mr. Right for marriage, for this it's gonna be long way to but I wish he would be someone capable in his career, caring, kind heart and lovely! Tall and presentable looks too. Peace V! Someone that's from high end country or so? haha. What a dream I have with my future husband. Let it naturally be. 

Few more days till weekends. Can't wait already. I wanna do blood donation this Saturday! 


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