18 July 2017

Be serious, STOP.

I have always said this, by today I would at a totally STOPPED. It's not an easy thing but I really need to STOP like seriously. I am rushing my retrieving till late night as well. I know it's not healthy but as soon as I start my new job, I will go to bed early and only sleep late during the weekend. According to the recruitment company, my working hours is actually quite short and I hope it does. I am quite scared and nervous but I need to make sure myself to learn and adapt fast. I wanna excel within a year.  I wanna prove that I am beyond expectation. I am really right on budget this month till early next month but there's so many birthdays are coming and I really hope that my salary will not be delayed. :( I need to save not spending anymore. The car is gave me a pain in the ass. There's a big hole in my pocket now. I hope I can earn all these back soon! Time to suffer, time to fight the battle to succeed! Who said that there's a smooth road to success?! Sigh, I have fever off and on lately. This is really a bad sign. I regretted that I started it, really do. I wanna break through till end of the month, I can't start so many things at once. Working out once a while will do I guess. I am too eager and to rush though, that's because I think I do not have much time. I have so many tasks to do that I do not have much time, I can't waste any single second of my life. Life is really precious. We only live once and we need to live life to the fullest. Appreciate and take the challenge, get yourself out of the box and mingle! Get to know the world and people! :) Eager to earn more income now, as I grown up. There's the right time to be mature and childish at times. The timing is really important though. 

I am starting to go for meetups lately to know more people despite my busy schedules. I don't wanna just keep myself indoors only. I missed out a lot of meetups lately and my circle has been getting smaller. I wanna know more people and widen my social networking which I think it's important though. I just need to arrange my time well wether it's about my tasks, social or with dates. I have lots of appointment this weekend and would only arrange them if they come back to me. Some is just to entertain them though. The more I go out, the more I need to spend. I need to save up for birthday dinners or gifts! Unless, the opposite party would actually spend me though. I have been very updated with latest movies lately. There's no more upcoming movies that I would like to watch anymore, not till August probably. Movies lately are just not entertaining anymore, guess humans are lack of idea as time goes by. I love horror movies, but lately there's none that impressed me. I have already widen my choice to non-horror movies and it's even worse for some. I watch a Hong Kong zombie movie and I totally regretted it, the worst decision that I have ever made and now I remember the reason why I did not like to watch Chinese movies in the cinema! Waste of money and time! I hate this! I will never ever watch Asian movies in the cinema again, the tickets are not cheap okay, seatings are not that comfortable as well. Home for movies is still the best though. Wish I have a home of my own. My another next target! Need to work hard for my career and health now! 

I used to be a really KPOP freak but as I got older, that actually slowly die off. I am only still a fan of idols of my generation though. I like groups that are unique and that's not to famous. In fact, I feel their songs are much nicer though compared to the famous ones. Honestly, the KPOP songs lately, especially idol groups are not really good lately. I prefer the old songs though. I wonder how they actually earned their incomes despite the competition though. I really wish to learn to write and produce musics one day as my hobby! Musics are just awesome though. I missed Goblin already. I miss their scenes, their musics and their quotes. This drama is just meaningful. There's one phrase that I really liked from Lee Dong Wook's role, sounds even more astonish :-

“The kiss of the Grim Reaper brings back memories of your past life. I fear what I was in your previous life. But I wish you’re left only with good memories. I hope that a part of them are memories of your older brother and I hope that he is Kim Shin”— Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo

"Every life is touched by a deity at least once. Just when you are drifting away from the world, if someone nudges you back in the right direction, that'd be when the deity chooses to visit you." — Kim Shin

I feel like I wanna re-watch the drama though. But I do not have time to even watch it. I have been sleeping lately and I think it's not that good. I can't sleep well lately though, ever since I got my bed frame away. If this continues for the rest of the week, I would need to figure out a solution to solve it. I am gonna be dead tired if this happens everyday. I wanna sleep well, really! :( 

Resolutions, Goals and Tasks! 

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