1 July 2017


Just last Wednesday my grandmother has passed away, took two days compassionate leave. Within two and a half year I took two kind of compassionate leave and this is really not good. This is life though, people come and go in your life, some unexpectedly, some a torture. This has actually ended everyone's suffer. My grandmother is at a better place right not, may she rest in peace. No more suffer of pain. It has been quite some time she suffered. I guess it's really important to actually take care of your health. It's really crucial to take care of my health now at this age before it's hard to maintain. Bad habit, stop completely would be the most important thing. I am rushing my retrieving as well, been facing the computer the whole day. Ass pain and body is stiff! 

I am feeling a little tensed about starting my new job but I know I have to take this risk to succeed. It's either I missed the opportunity or go for it. It may not be the one yet but hopefully I am close to it already. Fingers crossed. Waiting for my offer letter to know my benefits now. I need to do some research with the car thing as well, also the public transport to see which transportation is better. GRR! So much to do though. I am gonna believe that I can do it and succeed and excel the quickest within a year or less than a year! Prove that I am capable to be converted to a permanent staff within a year! Capability. I hope the sacrifice would be a worthwhile! 

Today is the first day of July, which means it's the first day of the second half of 2017! A new beginning and a new start. Everything is going up and doing well. Be positive. Be thankful with the good things happened, and learn from the not so good things that happened. Life meant to have ups and downs. Otherwise, it would be meaningless as a human, there's no process to learning. I hope my career is slowly going up day by day. 

Today is the last day of my grandma's funeral. 

R.I.P Grandma. We all will be good here. Don't worry about us. 


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