6 July 2017

Much to do.

There's so much to do once I am back with work though. Honestly, I don't really have the heart to work already. I am so eager with my offer letter and hope that the benefits are good, better than what I am having now hopefully though it's more flexible here. I don't feel well these days and by now, I should be totally stopped and not doing the bad habit anymore. This is really eating up my heath and really bad for me since my age is catching up. I need to start workout by this week, hopefully officially by this weekend. Time is ticking, I am should be more concern with lots of things. I am still rushing my retrieving like bad and finally till E, the least! Lots more to go though. GRRR! As long as I am home, I am glued to my computer. Only move about when I feel tired, lately I just wanna stay in as much as possible to finish this task. I wanna be healthy and well. This is not  getting me any better. Time to realise this extremely dangerous habit. 

My favourite artist is back! Her song is definitely my kind though. She is still so hot despite her age though! Her new album is really hot ! I wanna keep myself like her at her age. Still smoking hot and pretty but her choice of husband is just... well. Maybe he's just nice and good hearted. Just don't go to a relationship based on looks. That's all I would say. It's easy to say but not easy to do though. Lee Hyori is my inspiration. I need to change my wallpaper to this lady! 

I am trying to get myself a little distance from him. I don't wanna get too attached or too close. It would be hard to part ways if we do in future. I am not sure, we can't predict the future. I hope everything happens for the good and if it's bad, learnt from the bad to improve and don't be down over it. This is life though, need to be balance to be mature. I have long way to go. I finally got myself a commitment, I can't simply resign anymore. The least, I have more commitment to commit, to upgrade my car before I am 30 and hopefully to get a property too, but I think that would be after 30 before 35 to get a property of my dream since the area is really expensive for a normal worker like me. I hope by the time comes, I would be more capable enough to get myself a place to stay, a good place. Work hard and smart for my dreams. I don't wanna stay in this comfort zone anymore. More stressful like ahead. I have passed through the tough times, and more to come to enjoy success as I age. I am looking forward. I am looking forward for my life. I hope its's gonna be colourful and fruitful ahead. 

I need to speak lesser with my mum so that I don't always speak rudely though. This is really bad. I need to change for the good. So much to do but yet so little time, can we increase the amount of time in a day? GRRR! I need to do some part time for side income! 


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