8 July 2017

Savings, spend less.

Now that I have more commitment now, I need to do more savings instead which is spend less from now onwards. I am eager to actually register my car for Uber/Grabcar already. I wanna try out during the weekends and see how much can I earn though. This is actually quite interesting. Whoever who came out with this idea is really smart. No wonder the CEO is rich. Smart people with lucks = rich. When it's gonna be my turn? I am supposed to stop my habit earlier this week but I delayed it pretty late. This is really bad, my health is getting worst and I need to stop it instantly. It's really hard as long as I get back home! I think once I got my car, I don't think I have an excuse to actually not to work out since I have no problem with commuting now. Regardless, I need to find way for side income to earn more money. Even still, because my expenses increased, I need to earn more to support my daily expenses. The local RM is really small and I hate it. I really need to work for a big company to hop on. I hope my new company would be a good place and platform. Career wise, I hope I am moving to the right direction. GRRRR! My health habit as well. Should be working out this weekend non-officially but am always out as an excuse. So weekdays I should be staying in then. I need to retrieve my files and work out during the weekdays. I need to finish retrieving my songs fast though. There's so much to do! I need to make use of my time. I guess I can only peacefully start study by end of the year though. Will try to finish my language exams by next year and I wanna start new languages. Maybe Japanese or German? Some language that's important for me first, for work purposes. 

It has been a week since the passing of my grandmother. Time passes really fast. It's almost three years since my dad passed away. I felt like it just happen a while ago though. The memories are still fresh with me though. I don't wanna think so much about it anymore. It's too sad and depressed to think about it. No one could answer to the question, so why bother. Just need to appreciate what I have now. My family, myself, my health and my career. These are my concentration, goals and resolutions. Before I turned 30 years old, I need to achieve more than half of it. I am on the verge of it now, and I hope by next month, I would need to battle a lot with stress. I hope I will use exercise as a source of stress relieve and not to forget music. I need to decorate my car! Feeling happy that I am owning a car of my own soon.  

I hate the waiting period. I need to tender by Monday. I really hope the benefits are good. I really hope that I have made the right choice, I know I kept repeating what I have just typed on and on. I just wanna remind myself my tasks and dos. I have so much to achieve still, feeling so eager to succeed, my age is catching up and I need to achieve my career soon. I am giving myself a year to do so in my new environment and I hope I can make it. No wait, I need to make it regardless. Fighting, till the end. Be positive regardless what is the situation. If we see the good out of most situations, it will eventually turned out good. Nothing comes in easy hand. Work hard and smart for it and it will eventually. It has been some time since I talked to caucasian, my broken English. I guess I need to go meetup more often to speak with more westerners to improve my English speaking. I need to speak more English, better English. 

I can't believe it totally. I am not sure if it's the right thing. I think it could be normal but I am either too conservative or not used to it but slowly, the chemistry grows. Feeling loved now. Not sure if it's the right thing but I don't wish to let it grow. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the good feeling and love =3


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