2 July 2017

Second Day of July

Today is the second day of July! I just wanna say I have made it, no more doing it and so. I hope this goes on till forever, wait it must be regardless. I retrieved my songs till late night since last week, for the sake of finishing it quickly. I have more to go. Two more categories for solo songs before sorting out to online storage. I saw my schedule, it would take be till the least till October to November. GRRR! Wasted my time though. I realised my Korean language rusted a little, since I have been concentrating too much on my songs. I wanna start studying when I start my new job during public transport ride or lunch time or any past time I have when I am outside. I need to study for my Chinese as well. As for this new month, I will concentrate on retrieving my musics at the soonest. Hopefully by end of the year I am able to schedule my study time for my two languages. Wanna take the exams next year! Hopefully to take my first Chinese exam by end of the year! So yeah I have to start my Chinese any time soon before my new job. I am not sure to start by first week of second week of August, I wanna take a break but I wanna start fast too. Let's see what she has to say on Monday. The working hours is pretty short though. I hope this is for real. I am not sure to take public transport or to buy a car. I need to plan out my budget after everything is confirmed next week. I have so much plans to do this week onwards, besides enjoying for partially a month since it's gonna be a stressful and hectic year ahead soon. Time to join the battle of my career soon! I am nervous and scared actually, but I need to take the risk, give it a try and fight till the end for at least a year and see how it goes. Again, I hope this is the right decision I have made. It's not an easy decision but I hope this is it. Fingers crossed again and again.

My grandmother's funeral ceremony has come to an end. I dislike seeing people leave. But at times, it's necessary to end the misery and suffer. This moment reminds a lot about those hard times I had with my dad. He's really sick and not himself. No one could explain to that. During the second last day, after everything ended, I had a late dinner with my sister. The last time I did it, the last day of the second half of 2017. We had a talk about it, there are some things that I forgotten what happened, and she reflashed back my memories. I hope to have answers but not all the time you would have it. I wish it would't happened to my dad, not the least so early. He hasn't watch me marry, have kids and succeed in my career. All he can do is to watch me far away now. I regret that we did not take a family picture. I regret that we did not have much time to mend the distance between us. It was too late. It ended our respective suffer and stress probably, but if there's more time, we could have done much more awesome things together. Were you aware with what happened? No one is perfect but you have been a great dad in bringing us up as the head of the family, trying hard to give us a good life. I know. I can never ever be able to express how grateful I am that I was able to study in the UK, succeed in my education. Dad, it gonna be almost 4 years that I have been in the working world. I am moving on to build up my career in a better place, finally. There's so much that I wanna talk to you about it. I know you were worried when my job transition. But now, I am no longer so. I am eager to build my career. I am eager to pile up my career and have a strong financial and social background. This is it, I wanna say I MADE IT, soon enough. I want to. 

As time goes by, I just feel I wanna speak lesser and lesser. I have been speaking too much lately I spilt things that I shouldn't. I wanna learn to speak less about my stuffs from now onwards. My another resolution for my last half year of 2017. I am close to achieving some and some in progress. Hopefully tomorrow I will work out, not hopefully but I must do it. I wanna tone my body and wear a bikini! YEAH! At least once in my life duh! Speaking is definitely easier than action. PFTTT. 


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