17 July 2017

Seremban Trip

Went to Seremban trip with bae last weekend. Felt like we get closer in a short period of time though. I only managed to sleep like 4 hours before the trip, trying to finish off my retrieving and do my last minute packing. Bae woke up late though so we did not managed to get the fish head noodle that I wanted to bring him to. Right away headed to Seremban for lunch. I wanted to have the Yong Tao Foo there, but I guess it was too good that they sold out by the time we reached there so I only had toast bread but it was quite good though. Just that the coffee is horrible though. It wasn't as packed as we thought though. The packing wasn't hard to find as well. We wanted to have some cendol after the lunch but the place we wanted to go was closed! So we went to another place to have it but it was seriously horrible and not reasonable though. GRR! Went all the way there to have it but disappointment is all we have! It's durian but the taste wasn't that good! After this cendol, we wanted to go to the Centipede Temple but it was a hassle when we reached there so we just passed by and left to check in our hotel. The hotel was quite old and soso, the toilet is not so clean though but what can we expect from a two star hotel though. 

After some rest, we took off to Port Dickson, since it's just nearby, probably half an hour drive? The beach view was really beautiful. I took some video, not sure how to put it here though. Walked by a while, the weather was good. The environment was good as well, with family picnic around. I just love the beach. Should have brought my sandals so I can actually walk by the beach though. Damn it. Regretted it that I did not bring one! We took off from the beach to have our dinner at some famous so called lucky bun curry though. It wasn't special to us though, the taste was just soso but it was too big for two person to finish it! The potatoes and chickens are too big, they should have cut it a little small though. Can't even take away since it's curry and there's no fridge for us to keep. The picture does look good right ? I wouldn't recommend if you're on two person only. Better to be 3-4 person! 

We had some time so we actually dropped by at their so called biggest ball but apparently really small for us though since KL malls are bigger. I actually manage to watch the movie I wanted too but just soso, Wish Upon ! Apparently there's my favourite actor though! Lee Kihong! =3 I think there's gonna be part two though. The story wasn't really good at all man. Disappointed, quite enough. The movie tickets are quite cheap though. I wish KL movie tickets are that cheap for a new movie though. Sigh. 

We were tired so after the movie we actually went back. The city is dead during the night, there's no night life there. There's not many youngsters at  Seremban though. There's not many bars like KL. Had our shower, rest a while. We slept quite early though but the bed weren't that comfortable so we did not had a good sleep. It was really noisy outside as well. I wouldn't come here again or choose a two star hotel anymore though. That's why I like airbnb, but there's not many there though. The next day, we went to their big morning market for lunch. The food I called was soso as well in fact the rest too. The drink again is horrible. Coffee there is seriously horrible though. Too thin and no taste at all! Even the curry I wanted to try was just so so, I can get better ones in KL as well. I wouldn't travel there anymore, like seriously, though it's near! 

That's the end of our journey, it was a short drive back to KL though. Traffic weren't that bad, and yesterday was the official real final day of my bad habit. I rushed my retrieving as soon as I touched down. I stayed in and lazy to hang out though. Last Friday night was a good catch up with my old friends though. Had a good laugh and problem talk, realised that time has passed and we are all grown adults now. Time is scary though, wouldn't wait  for you and just passed. I missed though days though. Sigh. What a life! It's back to reality to Monday Blues and 3 more weeks till I start my new work. Looking forward and fingers crossed! =3


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