13 July 2017

Serious matter, seriously please STOP.

I supposed to stop my BAD habit since last week but I did not do so, till this week. By updating this blog for today, I should STOPPED totally already. It's a promise that I should kept long time ago. Lately I felt like my symptoms are getting worse and my hair is falling. So please, be strong and determined to STOP! PLEASE ALREADY! This is actually a serious matter! I need to remind myself every second that I should stop, I pasted notes everywhere in my room as well to STOP myself, add on to the post it notes as well day by day. I just need to STOP already. If I don't stop by this week, I need to spend some extra money with some specialist and I don't want that to happen at all. SO PLEASE! I need to control and STOP! Bear with it! I need to break through myself, this will determine my success so please! This will disgrace myself, my pride! PLEASE PLEASE in infinity time to STOP! It's wasting my money and time all this long, I need to save up and struggling right now. Begging myself already. I have more burdens now, please be wise from now onwards! Please, you can do it. Remind yourself your resolutions and goals to success and heath. You will make it and you will! STOP STOP AND STOP!

Lately, I am really into the hype to finish my retrieving. I drank coffee to sleep late to finish up though. I am trying to catch up the speed of time, I am running out of time now so yeah. I am trying to finish this category but this month though. I am not sure if my schedule would be busy and stress next month onwards but I am trying my best, as long as I am home, I would be facing my computer for long hours to finish it. I am trying to get myself to stay in as much as I could during weekdays since I am budget tight as well. This will help to tie myself from spending as well. I spent way too much and more to spend since my car is here. I need to get some stuffs for my car though, the carpet, charger and I even need to duplicate my keys. I am independent now, I am all on my own now. I am supposed to do my diet plans this month as well but seems like I need to postpone to next month since I need to solve my STOPPING habit first since the healthy diet is a little heavy and I need to start work out with it to tone up my body and so. But I won't give myself an excuse to not to work out this month as well. This week I would still do random diet, as healthy as possible since I am going for a trip this weekend, after the trip I would re-plan my diet for the following week again. I am slowly trying to improve my diet, makes me tired cause of my diet. I need to start work out the least next week as well. I try will by this week. Need to fix myself well! Lots of groceries to do soon as well. 

I finally signed the offer letter for my new job though. I finally confirmed my position in my new company. I am looking forward and hope to perform and do well in the company, I wanna go beyond my capabilities for my new job, I wanna challenge myself to perform. I have been in the comfort zone for too long, it's time to improve and develop myself! I need to succeed in my career as well besides attaining healthy lifestyle. I need to do well in both, my ultimate goal for this year 2017! It's already the second half of 2017! I have not try my best yet, I need too. I really need to! 

This little Si An as my inspiration to succeed in my goals. I hope before year end reaches, I would have close to achieve my goals already. I wanna tone up my body to wear bikini and maintain it, it's the best age to keep fit myself in health. I need to save up more money as well and on the pace to find good part time jobs too. I wanna earn five figures soon! I wanna buy a property too! On my own, my earnings and my effort! 


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