7 July 2017

Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo

I think the greatest news of all has break the silence of the entertainment industry in KPOP. The two biggest artist in South Korea is getting married, never see that coming through though. Both good looking couples together, could never imagine how their kids would look like, the far most couple that I am envious of aside from Won Bin and his wife. Where can I get such a good looking husband? You tell me? Even boyfriend to start of is hard, what's of husband? I am not even qualified to even have a good looking boyfriend. I hate or sometimes dislike that I put too heavy concern on appearance, that's really bad though. But I was really happy when I heard the news :- credits too allkpop! They are match from heaven though. 

Actor Song Joong Ki and the actress Song Hye Kyo are reportedly getting married on October 31, 2017!

The representatives from both of their respective companies confirmed the news and stated, "Because marriage is not so simple but rather involves both of the family, we were very careful with everything - it is a very sensitive and significant moment in everyone's life and that is why we're giving out this statement now. We hope everyone understands. We would like to ask for many blessings for the beautiful future of the two individuals, and the two actors will also share the news with their fans."

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo met through their much popular drama 'Descendants of the Sunand in a recent news, were together in Bali.


Today should be the day that I am able to receive my offer letter, I need to read the Terms and Condition before tendering my letter on Monday. I might be able to have two weeks break. I am more satisfied with that though. I wanna have more rest. I hope I can leave earlier even. I am so eager to tender already but not till everything is confirmed. It's tensed, I am worried but I have got no choice to wait and wait. I hate this waiting period. I would be able to do some part time with my car now. It's more easier for me to commute and find a good job in future. Pretty much I would like to upgrade my car and myself within two years time. So it's good to shine and excel with my new job. There's no more room of improvement with my current company anymore, in fact long time ago. If my resume wasn't that bad, I would have leave long time ago but probably this is faith I would say. Time is ticking and there's lots of decision that I need to do to move on with a better and successful career. Aside from this, I am struggling to make myself to work out and eat healthy. By now, it should be a totally halt. I need to keep this promise and achieve it. This resolutions of mine, is a lot. Time to go beyond my limit despite the worries. 

I have met many great people along the road and feeling thankful. I always mind what people think about me but lessen that as time goes by because it's stressful and nuisance. Take in what is wrong and throw away what's nonsense. You have all kinds of people in the world, we have en encounter them from time to time. No one is perfect, learn to accept and learn. This is life of pi. I have still much to learn about life and people. I wanna reduce my mistakes. I hate to be scold upon, that's why I am always careful. I definitely have to fix myself and achieve my resolutions before my new job, because I know I need them a lot once I start if I wanna excel in my job. I hope I made the right choice in moving forward. 

Congratulations Song Couple! Finally! Love Blossom. 

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