15 July 2017


More symptoms coming out and I hope by the time this post has posted out I am already free from my bad habit, I really hate the fact that I started my bad habit, it's hard to STOP but I can't just give up like that. I can't do this anymore, it's really eating off my health badly. Please realise and stop doing it already. Please and Please. No more delays and excuses anymore. PLEASE. I have been repeating myself for almost every post just to remind myself to STOP! I regret this and struggling with it right now. Please and please, today would be my trip again with bae and I wish it's once for all that I would stop doing it already. PLEASE JERICA! I have been sleeping really late lately though, thanks to my musics retrieving. I drove to work last Thursday as well despite the traffic. It's still faster than taking the public transport still but the least I can sit comfortably in the car, just that I can't sleep or do my stuffs during those past time though. I think I can actually still look at books though. Let's see how it goes next month cause it would be dangerous if I do so. I am actually feeling really sleepy while typing this post though since I slept late and not so well, that's explained million reasons for me to STOP doing it already. This is getting critical, please realise it now or it's too late! Health is really important and hard to restore if there's anything! Touch wood! HMPH! I need to donate blood next weekend and to see the dentist for my yearly check up! 

The destination this weekend is Seremban, gonna talk about the place for today and about the trip the next few days. I am trying to do the local visit first instead of the overseas, it's more affordable as of now though, sadly. I have visited a few places locally though, such as Penang, Melaka, Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Fraser Hills, Berjaya Hills, Ipoh, Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor, Sekeping, Janda Baik, Awalmulan and now Seremban. I have visit most of the key places and my next place would be Pahang or Johor! I am looking forward but no more travels after I start my new work! I need to wait till I am financially stable again! GRRR. Here's the history of Seremban city, it's just an hour away from KL City Centre :-

Sungai Ujong came into existence with the discovery of tin ore in the 1870s like most major towns in Peninsular Malaysia. The discovery of tin in a nearby area called Rasah, saw an influx of ArabMalay and Chinese immigrants to work on the mines and trade there. Most of the local Malays were farmers.
Renamed to Seremban, the town flourished not only as a mining area but also a business centre. The Linggi River served as the sole outlet to ferry tin and supplies in and out of the town. Revenue came not only from tin trade but also from the large amount of taxes collected, much to the displeasure of the traders and theBritish colonialists at the neighbouring port of Malacca.
The local chieftains, namely the Dato' Kelana and the Dato' Shahbandar of Sungai Ujong were at odds with each other on the rights to collect taxes and ownership and control of the mines. The rivalry to assert influence and authority opened the door for British intervention in Negeri Sembilan. The British sided with the Dato' Kelana upon invitation and defeated the forces of the Dato' Bandar who was later sent into exile to Singapore. In a show of gratitude to the British for helping him win the war, the Dato' Kelana had no choice but to accept a British Resident whose job was to advise him on matters other than religion and Malay customs.
Captain Murray was appointed the first resident and later set-up his residence at Channer Road, now renamed Jalan Dato' Siamang Gagap. Soon after, the people living around Rasah moved to Channer Road for the sake of security and its orderly administration.[4]

City status[edit]

Seremban is one of four state capitals that has not achieved city status (Bandar raya); the other three being Kota Bharu(Kelantan), Kuantan (Pahang) and Kangar (Perlis). However, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government has approved Seremban to be declared a city by 9 September 2009. To achieve the city status, the state government has agreed that Majlis Perbandaran Nilai and Majlis Perbandaran Seremban will be merged.[5]

I spent a lot because of my car though. I am definitely and extremely in tight budget right now till my salaries are released next month. I am trying to register for Grabcar as well. After this weekend though, without my bae, without him knowing that I have a car now. I am gonna wait till end of the year to slowly let him know though. I can't let anyone know yet aside from my family members. I am looking around for a part time work now to suppose my daily expenses, I am looking into property agent though and yes having a car is so much more convenient still but that actually increases my expenses! I am feeling burden a little stress though. Especially when my new work place is quite far. Sigh. I hope this worth my sacrifice ! I can do it!
I am looking for a good place to visit though but seems like Malaysia has limited places to visit. I wanted to visit the beach, but with my body condition and since it's towards end of the year now, it's not advisable to go now. That would be my 2018 goal, a bikini body as well. Work out work out! This week This week! I dragged for a year! This is seriously crazily amazing I have to say. It has been too long and too much now. I don't like myself being this way. I need to have a strong will and determination. I feel it's nice to have someone loves you more than you do. I feel loved now and happy, I hope it wouldn't go too deep for me cause I am someone that looks heavily with my career and still on the go with my ideal type. It's definitely hard to find though but I am sure I will one day. I have many good goals to achieve remember? I will achieve more than half of it before turning late 30s! I wanna have a good and stable life by the time I reached lately 30s, to be at a young age. I wanna provide my mum as much too, so I am gonna need to work really hard within this 4-5 years to achieve my first quarter of my goals. What are the kinds of my guys that I like appearance wise, and most likely inner wise. Wo Bin, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are my types, the main ideal types. These are the kind of guys that I would wanna get married with, the ideal husband and yes I love older mature guys personally, stable! :)

While on the other hand. I have other kind of guys that I like too but not the ideal husband type but the ideal boyfriend type. That would be G-Dragon, Ji Changwook and Soohyuk. Actually there are a few, but these few would be the main ones. I love cute, cool and handsome guys, I admit it! =3 I know it's bad to look at appearance but I can't help it though. I think it's normal as well. I think it's the same for the guys too! Who wouldn't screen based on looks first? Personality is the most important, greatly aware with that, you will understand with the current bae I have now. He gives the feeling that I want, that's why I like him and accepted him and decided to move on further with him. :) Otherwise, I would have avoided long time ago. I am not that easy okay, I have avoided pretty much! He has his timing right most of the time. Good job :P

STOP with the good looking guys mate. This would actually end the post for today. I have finally finished my drama line up and fully concentrating on my retrieving now. I am progressing as fast as I could to finish it, a category the least before I start my new work, I hope there's not overtimes at my new work though. I need to excel and do well instead! Oh well. No one is perfect, some things that I realised and know but closed my eyes. I am happy to have my sales manager to guide me all these while, without her I am nothing now. I feel bad for bringing her so much troubles though she doesn't keep into heart and more compassionate, I feel really bad about it. People should be grateful and thankful for what others have done for them. That's the most important and meaningful thing about life if everyone feels so as well. I wanna write a long heart-filled message to her a week before I leave the company, I mean it. I have more time know, thinking about what to do during the day lately. I wanna stay in instead though, to finish of my tasks. Pfftt! 


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