11 July 2017

Stressed, Tensed and Excited at the same time.

I feel relieved that I have tendered my letter and I can't wait to leave the company in any time. I really hope that I am able to leave early though. I am eager to leave and would love to take a break actually. I wonder if I can still apply for leave this month though. I hope my wages wouldn't be too late since I am really tight this month. As soon as my salary is in I am gonna settle my debt with my mum. I don't wanna depend transport on her anymore though. I am gonna be all my own soon. I can't imagine driving myself to work everyday next month onwards. I have lots to ask when I got my offer letter, I should get in within this few days though. What took them so long anyway? GRRR! I should have tender early but maybe, because of commitments and responsibilities. I told my boss that I would like to take a short break, hope he's kind enough to let me go. No point making me stay, I seriously have no heart to do well my work anymore. I hope you are able to find a new replacement at the soonest. My resolutions, one by one is slowly realising. I am happy, tensed, stressed and excited at the same time to chase my dream, my career! Next to go is to own a property of my own and to upgrade my car. After car, I am gonna decide to stay on or move on with my new company. I hope I have made the right place and it would be a right place to build my career in. It's not easy to find a good job lately, many big companies has closed down their factories in Malaysia. I hope during the coming years, the economy will improved. Fingers crossed. It has been some time. I still have my dreams to work aboard and settle down aboard. I will make it. I will! Be positive and strong. Reminding myself every second to finish retrieve the files at the soonest. The boy group by this month hopefully, a month a category. By now I should not be doing my bad habit anymore, a total STOP that is. Please think about it carefully and be wise. PLEASE. 

I stayed in the whole day last Saturday cause I know I would be out the whole day on Sunday. I faced my computer almost the whole day during Saturday though and went out a while during the night to change my vape's coil. It has been some time since I vape since I was so lazy to change the coil. I can't sleep the whole night again, 6.30 was my time. Woke up at 11 to get ready myself to meet my friend. Went all the way to her place, Setapak to drop by at a pet cafe and that was the best decision that I have ever made! I think the place is the best cafe in town! They have so many awesome and wonderful dogs around! Definitely similiar to the Korean style pet cafe! They separated the corner of the cafe! I love the place and I think I am gonna drop by there often! All my favourite dogs were there that day! OMG! I really love DOGS! I am so happy to be there. It's gonna be my new hang out spot! I hope they don't close down early like the other shops at that place though. I am gonna be really sad! 

After this session, I went all the way to Sri Petaling to meet another friend, though both of them actually knew each other. It's nice to catch up with both of them though. It has been some time since I meet them. It was the Cafe hopping day. Went to a Cafe that I have always wanted to try, and I love the interior design though! It's really unique but the price of the foods are quite pricey though. It's just a good place for picture and  a short chill, even the drinks are pricey and just soso though. But the interior design is definitely unique! We hopped to another cafe for a light meal though. First was Mr Poker cafe and then to Coffee-ish. I still have my goal to try all cafes in Sri Petaling, it's gonna be a little hard since I only hang out at night and these cafes closes early. I am gonna let loose on Sunday, just out during Sunday during this period of time. I need to save as well though. Hmm! 

I dropped by the night market to actually try my luck to find my minion nano lego but failed to find one. Guess it's not this day of the night market, probably the Friday one. I am gonna hunt again. There's one long night market on Wednesday that I would like to try but I am not sure if I would like to go to the night market or to the meetup. I am kinda lazy to social but there's people that I would like to meet at the meetup probably since it's gonna be a big one though. Or a date at the night market to hunt for my stuffs? I am not so sure, cause I hate crowds honestly, places that are packed with people, thanks to my phobia with my KPOP craze during those days. We need to try something extreme once in a lifetime right? My "tries" are getting more interesting from time to time though. After my dad passed on, I have more courage to try new things. Cause we will never know what the future holds. Life is so unpredictable and unexpected. Appreciate your love ones peeps! Express your love more often. :) 

I need to upgrade myself not downgrade so please maintain your current responsibilities well still. I am so eager to go for a short break though. Sigh.

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