16 July 2017

Symptoms worst.

By now, it should be a totally STOP. The symptoms are getting worst. This week onwards should be a work out week start soon, which I should have done so long time ago. Regardless if I am really tired or not, I should start. No more wasting time, I wanna use 3-4 months to tone up my body for bikini and tight wears! I wanna do it while I still at the age I am able too. In fact, I wanna keep myself fit till old age if possible, like all those celebrities. I wanna do yoga as well! I need to wait till I am settled down with my new work to schedule this, to see my budget and so. Hopefully the fees are not too expensive though. Wonder if there are good gyms around my working place, or free ones at the office building, or maybe corporate price though. There's so much to find out! I have lots of homework to do. I don't think I would sleep early till my last day of work just to finish my retrieving. I am already at half but the final half is a lot though. I am having fun doing it? Maybe, looking at the album numbers and song numbers. Songs are awesome though. STOPPING it would actually save a lot of my time and money. So it's a good thing. I am too tight with my budget now. As soon as I reached home, rest a while, showered, I will be facing my computer till my sleeping time. I am the kind of person who prefer to sleep late cause I feel there's not much time in life. If my boss is able to let me go early, I would be able to finish my task even quicker though. I really hope they would be able to find someone new as soon as possible. Short break even would be fine for me. Fingers crossed!

My mum has a few friends that has migrated to overseas, I am really envious with Asians that are able to work in overseas cause it's hard for me since I am not that smart and rich or influential. I need to work my ass of there to that position. At times I would mind cause it's tiring but I learnt to be independent and rich in knowledge and EQ! That's the pros of being independent than dependable. No one's life is perfect, but being influential and rich can be much more convenient I would say. Climb the ladder on your own is the best achievement and satisfaction you can feel. I am ready and willing to go through all the hardship. I am scared and nervous and tensed, but to succeed I have to overcome it and face it. That define "SUCCESS". I want to be a career successful women. I don't wanna depend on anymore but myself. Of course along the way, I would need social network people to bloom. Play along with the environment and life. Play along with the people around, adaption and social skills are important in this world. That's why lately, I am starting to mix around, to improve this skill. I still wanna keep this dream to settle down aboard as a professional. :)

I am feeling blooming lately. Maybe it's just the beginning. I am not sure, I don't wanna predict as well, this can't be done though. It's never an expected thing to think of. It happens naturally and as time goes by, good and bad things come by. Learnt from the bad, don't feel bad about it, alright? I am still hunting for my ideal kind, though it has been a long hunt. It's not gonna be an easy thing to do and find. I am sure there is. But I am happy with the feeling and love I received now, I am not sure how long it would last but I hope it will get more and more lovely and sweet instead. Fulfil my needs and interest please :) I need to be reasonable as well. I am scared to be too close and comfortable with someone, more characters of myself would be out, the not so good ones and I don't want that to happen, I have been controlling well all this while and I don't want to spoilt and relationships, wether it's with family, friends or boyfriend. I managed to change part of the not so good things about me though there's more. Change for the good is good. Not talking about my stuffs is still me, I don't like people to know more things about me in detail, just general would be fine. I just need to find the right person to share my problem is, so far I have not been able to find one, I did but he left to his home country. I love hanging around with mature and older people, because I like to learn from mistakes in their life and get some advices. I am returning to the meetup scene despite my schedule. I wanna widen my social networking still. Hopefully by end of the year, I am able to attend more meetups soon. I am just trying to fit some now. Busy is good, I like to be busy. Keep my minds away from thinking the nonsense and looks professional. Be busy while I still can.

I realised I am always talking about others and asking questions. Cause this has been my best way of avoiding though. I still need to find some time to actually register for Grabcar though since I am out of town this weekend. Need to get my brother to help me about with the registration already. If I am not mistaken there's referral fees though. I can't wait to start already. Oh yeah, I have been talking about it and finally I am able to start doing it. I hope at least I would have some side income though. GRR! I really do need now. Earning extra money is really not easy. I wish I had enough capital to even start up one though. Envious with rich people, especially those who are born in a silver spoon. Easy or tough way. you name it. New week New start. STOP already. 


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