10 July 2017


I finally tendered my resignation letter last Friday, as said my new company would actually send me my offer letter within these three days and I hope it's good decision that I have made. I will not have any break at all. I thought to have a rest before entering the war but seems like I need to work till the end. I will accept this fact and do it then. I am still young, shouldn't complain much. Work hard to earn more. Can't expect an easy life coming ahead if I don't work hard while I am still young. I felt slightly happy before tendering but a little lost of words after tendering. I guess it's because I can't use my leave to leave early. Honestly I have no heart anymore, there's not much and there's no point in holding me here anymore. Not like, there's a lot of stuffs that need to be settle here though. I am lost at words. At least a week early would be fine for me actually. sigh. I hope they would be considerable enough. I am really tired and I would want to have a break. Mentally and physically. I have much to settle at home and at work, my tasks and resolutions. There's so much to do. There's so much to worry about. I have made the decision and that's it. I am feeling so mood-less and down now. It has been some time since I had a long break! I am finally able to leave my comfort zone, I am finally able to free myself, spread my wings and fly up high and far away to chase my dream and success! Watch me people! I prove you right and wrong at the same time. 

I hosted a meetup last Friday, the usual after Raya meetup that I would host. The turn out is about the same as last time though. Since there's not much meetups lately, I think I should host once a while though. I need to meet new people to widen my connection and social status. I have been staying in too much lately. The start is coming, I hope I can divide my time well enough. As said by the person in charged, there would be no OT? I am all solo with that position duh! I wonder though. My body is so tensed now, because of the shock. Maybe I should have resigned early? But that's too risky right? I am not sure to say it's fated or not these days. I am too frustrated to even give comments lately. Too much to think of and worry about. I am starting to feel the burden and stress already. I don't even have kid on my own and I am already feeling so. I don't think I can take the pressure to have my own responsibilities. I am scared and worried. or maybe I am just too tired now since I did not have enough sleep. Feeling confused and lost now. Just hopes and hopes. Hard work and hard work. No break, it's okay. I won't die from it, I have pay for it so it's fine. I still relax at work still. =3

I am a big big fan of minions. I feel hyper every time I see any minion items stuffs. I have soft plush toys, nano blocks, key chains and so fort. I never been a fan of cartoons but minions are my favourite! If possible I would like to collect as much minion items as possible. That's why yellow became one of my favourite colour and I love to eat BANANA though like them! I found similarity. 

Carrying yourself accordingly depending with whom you're with. It's tired but i think it's needed though for convenience and social sake. I think it's important in this world these days. What's hard about work? I think dealing with people is even more tired. Drama queens, influential people. My cousin who's younger than me is earning more than I do now, I am studying like an ass but my earning is not as much as his! He only worked for a month plus and he's earning more than me. That's why I sad to myself that I should not have excuse to avoid sales job these days now! I wanna give it a try as part time and see how it goes, I was advice that I am suitable for this role by multiple fortune teller. So yeah, gonna give it a try once I have settled down. I am gonna make it, I am gonna do well. Everything need to try to know the suitability. Might even regret it if we don't try cause we only live once in our lifetime. So yeah, appreciate what's in front of your eyes and that's means a lot and enough. I have much to go and more to go about my life and so. I try not to dislike my life and try to move on brightly and positively. Eventually it will turned out good, as I said, as all said. 

I am into nano blocks lately! It's actually fun and I didn't expect it to be. Really a good time to pass with these blocks but it's not that cheap though. I just bought one online and trying to find some others with a good price. I think night market should have though. When I do not want it, it appears everywhere in front of me but when I want them badly now, it's so hard for me to even find one. I always have new interesting hobbies, later than anyone else. At least I do not need to squeeze with the crowd and the expensive price. I wanna have nano blocks as my collection these days. Wait, I can't spend too much lately. I am on tight budget, I must not forget this fact! 

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