3 July 2017

Time to start, time to be serious

Today is the day man! It's the official first day of my plans! I must STOP completely and forbid myself from doing it anymore. Going healthy, since I did not do my groceries, I need to resume my fruit diet now. I am not sure when I would have time to do it. I am so lazy but I am resuming what am suppose to since the past whole month. Time to save my healthy before it's too late, it's the right age now! I need to work out today as well and sleep early since yesterday onwards. Today is the day that I would know my offer letter terms and condition and I hope it would be good for me to accept cause I really want to move on to a new and good place though it's gonna be far. I would need to be frustrated with my transportation now, it's either get a car or commute the public transport early in the morning. Buy a car, more expenses, on the other hand, taking the public transport would be time consuming but the least I do not need to be caught in the jam and waste my time. I could read my books or study my Chinese though. I need to choose a weekday to see how long it takes and calculate my expenses after everything is confirmed. I hope all would be good for real. I wanna challenge myself and do well. I wanna excel in my career and move up the ladder in a niche of time. I just wanna prove myself the beyond of my capabilities. I don't wanna waste time anymore. 

For the past few days I have been sleeping in wee in the morning and woke up in the afternoon. The hype of trying to finish of my retrieving though. This is so not healthy but I can't help it, weekend is the only time I can sleep late though. Went to the food fair yesterday with bae. It was really crowded with people. I was able to drink a big cup of coffee at my favourite place before the good fair. It was really hard to find a parking but we managed to get one in less than an hour. But the fair and the mall was really packed with humans. That's why I don't like to go to Midvalley. I don't really like crowded places but the least, I ate my favourite sesame ice cream at the fair! It was really hard to even  get that ice cream because of the crowd. Could barely even walk around leisurely. There's not much to see as well, I probably will not attend fair like this anymore. No space to walk around even. We wanted to watch a movie but there weren't much nice movies and the movie that I wanted to watch was too late. So we went all the way to The Starling to watch the movie. The seats for small screens weren't that comfortable as the one in big halls! GRRR! The movie wasn't nice at all, as I thought from Cantonese movies. No wonder I never wanted to watch Asian movies in the cinema, it's really waste of money! I regretted it. Waste our time as well. Feel bad for dragging him to watch with me though. It's not cheap either! Ticket these days are expensive! Guess probably it's a new movie. We dropped by at the Villa Ju at that area to fix up my minion! It was a present from him and it's really cute! I didn't know fixing up a lego would be this fun and I guess I have found my new hobby! I am gonna have new collection as well! Thanks to bae I am gonna have a healthy hobby now! =3

Well, the plans kicks in today. No more wasting money on food and destroying my health. Gonna make a habit to work out tonight, some toning and cardio. As long I am done with this, I am gonna start retrieving till it's time to sleep! I can't sleep too lately anymore, by 1AM should be the latest to sleep. I am gonna make these happen for the second half of 2017! What else? Less outing during weekdays but I am gonna have my first meet up on Friday, like finally. The group has not been active lately. I guess occasionally I should organise some meetups. Most of the organisers are busy though. I should initiate some of it, sadly. I have so much to do but so little time! Tick Tock Tick Tock. I guess my age is really catching up and I need to be in pace as well. I am so envious with my cousin who's earning so much at his age and career is going up. I know their industry and because they are guys it's necessary but these days, ladies have to have their career as well especially people like me. I am eager to be on the top of my career and earn a lot. Buy my own condominium and car. I already have a place and car in mind, Solaris Mont Kiara, Desa Sri Hartamas and Bangsar Village are my targeted areas. Yes, these places are high end and I like these places that's why I need to work hard and smart. I need to be in a good health condition as well to enjoy these. I have BMW 5 series in my mind as well. Up Up High Upon! I wish one day I  could say that I have made it. 

DAY ONE and succeed it PLEASE! 

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