14 July 2017

Weekend Soon.

It's the TGIF again. I was so busy when I got back for work on Wednesday. Finally get to settle down after lunch or so. I need to settle the remaining before I leave the place, hopefully the major and important ones, don't wanna give the others any trouble though. It's bad and not so good image, I will ruined my profession. I have been sleeping quite late lately trying to rush my retrieving. I know it's nuisance but it's just my hobby to collect as much musics as possible. I add on more songs instead while doing it. I feel satisfied and happy though cause I love musics! I am done with Chinese, Japanese and English songs. I would just occasionally add on songs if there's any update. I am working on my most songs, Korean! I listen more to Korean and Chinese songs though. People tell me that I can actually just pay the app and listen but I prefer to collect instead, it's a hassle to download them but I enjoyed it eventually. I am happy doing it so why bother. Of course it takes up my time, I estimated that it would actually take me more than half of a year, almost to a year to retrieve and transfer everything though. I am supposed to study my Chinese during this period. I guess next year would be the study year instead! There's so much to do but yet there's so little time. GRRR! I wish there's more time in a day though. Tick Tock Tick Tock.

I will be going for a trip tomorrow! Oh yeah, like finally and I imagining nonsense. I was frustrated if I should drive to work on my first day with my car but ended up with Grabcar to work since I still have my final reward to finish off. I have lots of points now to redeem though. Bits more to go to more value redeem. I mean since I am going out at night and have someone to fetch me back, why bother to drive right ? I will see how it goes when the times comes by. I am supposed to do shopping for my car this weekend but I am not in town. Guess I need to delay a week, doing this shopping this despited I am so tight in budget and my pay would be late, I hope it would be on time though regardless. HMPH! August would be a fruitful month, onwards. More income coming in! Feeling hopeful and positive though. I am scared too but trying to make myself feel determined and strong! I am still about to register for Grabcar as well. I need to go to the dentist and donate blood. After the trip, I have so much to do. WAAA! I should be happy though! I like busy life right? I want a busy life which travels around the world, felt like I am a professional though. One day, one day. It's coming, it's on the way! 

I wish I would, wait I need to achieve most of my goals before turning 30 to 35. I wanna travel to lots of places. I love beautiful sceneries. I wanna take more nice pictures. I wanna travel around to relax. I just wish one day! Instead of food travel, I prefer to visit places instead. I think it would be more meaningful though. Lot's to do and achieve in my bucket lists as time goes by! Good thing right, goals in life to motivate myself! I CAN ACHIEVE THEM! Some people just born with a silver spoon but I am those that need to be independent for my own needs. I have long way to go but I hope it's coming soon. I am eager already! 

I dispute the fact that I was not born in the Europe or any Western countries. I have been always envious with Asians who are born and raised in the overseas. My dad had the chance but he dislike it so he came back. Those days are much easier actually compared to now. Sigh, otherwise we would be BBC or ABC! I really love to listen to natural English accents from an Asian! Sounds sexy and cool though. I hate the locals trying to fake the accent, I can't figure out what kind of accent they are trying to use. They thought they sound like they have a Westerner's accent but trust me, they sound so freaking weird instead. Don't try to impress someone else with that I don't know what kind of accent is that, it's embarrassing and annoying instead. You may do that to non-English speaking people but not to me. I have been speaking English since young love to listen to English people accents and I can differentiate it if you are trying to fake it or it's natural a not. Save your energy please! I have met a lot if this kind of people. I really dislike them. If they can speak Chinese, I would just speak Chinese with them. I will use my English or change it depending whom I am speaking with. I am a language lover and I can adapt to people well. No worries. I don't judge people, I don't give comment cause I ain't good as well. No one is perfect, don't judge please. It's bad and not good. Be a saint or be an angel! 

It's a good, good life and future ahead! ❤ ♡ ♥ ღ ❣ ❥ ❦ ❧ ლ

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