12 August 2017

First Annual Dinner

Last few days I need to settle some stuffs at some banks to I walked by a few places to get in done and remembered this famous uncle that sells the soft toys near HSBC bank. So I actually got one for myself though. I feel like getting one everyday if I could afford though but too bad. I got a minion as usual. There's one more that I would like to get, maybe next week I guess. It's really cute though but a little pricey though. Oh well, just a good deed to do. I just got back my blood report and it's not so good, I have low blood count and my liver is a little affected. I need to work out on my diet plan for tomorrow onwards. No more excuses on doing it anymore. It's getting severe and dangerous now. Please solve it now before it's too late. Now it's the time to fix it, please already. I need to eat more greens and work out. I shall workout the plan tomorrow after the picnic. Nee to get serious on this. My house was out of internet last two days and thank god that gave me some time to do the groceries though and I was outstation during the no internet days. Lucky but I missed out a lot and my schedule got delayed. I am busy these two days and yeah, it would be really a rush this whole week. I still need to rush it according to schedule! August is gonna be a busy month for me since I just joined the company and there's lots to do and cope. Fingers crossed. 

It was a last minute that my superior decided to invite me to go for the annual dinner yesterday and it was a hectic arrangement, I need to fork out some money to actually go for it though. I hope my salary comes in in time, I need to settle my bills. Lots of ownings and I hate it, by next month my financial should be back on stable though. GRR! Need to start on my GRABCAR! But I am getting busier day by day. Thankful that the people were helpful enough to actually arranged my transportation and accommodation, such a last minute arrangement though. I don't really know my new colleagues yet so it was a hassle to look for people to car pool to Penang for the dinner. At least, we made it at the end. It was supposed to be a working day yesterday but early in the morning I headed to Puchong to tag along with my new colleague. I was superb late and feeling really bad. What gave me a shock that, I underestimated the earnings of the sales person there. The person I car pooled sat a MERCEDES and I was really shocked! That made me puzzled! Their commission must be really good though! The topics they were talking were all after marriage topics which is out of topic for me so I slept the who journey. They stopped by at Butterworth for lunch before heading to the hotel though and the hotel was really OLD and underrated though! I was quite lost during the dinner cause I do not anyone so I just followed my senior around though. They gave doorgifts and I got a lucky draw during the night though. A RM20 KFC voucher. I don't really eat KFC though. The theme for the night was Hawaiian style and everyone dressed nicely though. KL team there is not as big as the Penang's since HQ is in Penang though. The night was cool and amazing, just that the buffet was terrible and everyone complained about it. This was my first annual dinner after working for more than three years and it was really fun. Feeling grateful to be able to join though. Got a lucky draw for my first time is a good start. Feeling hopeful and positive about the company already. 

 After the night, the whole team actually went for a second round with our boss, it was his treat and I car pooled their car to Gurney Plaza for the second round, this is wear the bonding begins. I get to meet the whole team that I am gonna work with though. I should say it's a lucky night though. I get to know the sales team and the engineer team, almost everyone. Good to know that I am welcome in the group. I had a good drinks as well but I wasn't really well so I did not finish my drink though, I gave to someone that I just knew that night though. Good to feel being taken care that night and people approaching me wanting to know me. Thank you guys, just got to know that the team are mostly males though! Man, these dudes are good drinkers though! Seems like a fun team and I got to know more about the sales team and the organisation chart more from a colleague, like finally. It has been a week and still feeling lost though. It was a good night, and I followed another car back instead though. HAHA I realised I followed three different cars for the day! 

I sort of able to sleep since I drank though with more lemon/lime water again. I woke up early just in case they woke up early but they were late, I could have sleep more so I had an early breakfast with my senior while waiting for the rest to wake up to make a move. We took off quite late though. The food was soso as well and felt like they took the leftover food the night before. GRRR! Overpriced for their quality though. Overrated place, why chose this place though. HMMM. Lots of Arabians as well. The view wasn't that good as well. I feel bad that I couldn't remember their names though, just their faces. I feel bad when they asked me again. Now I can much remember their names already! :) 

It rained pretty heavy when we are trying to check out so we waited a while before heading to the same place a day before for lunch, I am glad that I joined them cause it was a big group and it was fun to know more about the company and the team though. Feeling more comfortable with them now though. I still need more time to be close with them, maybe when I am in full force. The same place and the same good, I drank more than I eat. These dudes can really eat man! Wahrao! It was a fun experience with them, we have many things in common. Thanks for the bonding though. The chemistry is important! 

We stopped by a few stops while heading home. Even had tea time together at one of the stop so I managed to get some mangoes though. Ate too much unhealthy food these two days and it's time to adjust my diet after receiving my report. This is not a good sign man, no more coffees, ice creams and ice cold drinks, fried foods and snacks! Fix it now before it's too late. I sat another person's car once we reached at our office to drop some colleagues off. I sat a total of four different cars though ! It was tiring but quite fun I would say. A meaningful trip and I think this place would be an inspiring place to be, let's see how it goes for a year then. I think I would be busy and would need to travel around as well. Hype and positive. 

Annabelle for the night with bae. Looking forward. Non-stop outing till tomorrow. GRR! Resting next weekend onwards hopefully! I have to ditch a few friends and I am sorry! 

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